No Blog Today 12/16/18

By Richard E. Bleil, Ph.D.

Although it’s really not like me to take a break, I’ve decided not to blog today. Nothing really comes to mind anyway. The news is depressing as it always is, so, I’m just going to take a break.

Do you know who Andy Rooney is? He used to be a, well, not correspondent, but he had a regular segment on the CBS night-time news show “60 Minutes”. He never really reported anything, but kind of let his mind wonder as he just kind of rambled on with his observations. He talked about his typewriter, and shoes, and never really gave opinion or news. Just observations. I used to enjoy his segments.

My Pagan friends (yes, it’s a real religion and it’s still active and growing) truly enjoy many of our Christmas traditions, like the Christmas tree. It’s actually a holdover, as I understand it, from Scandinavian Pagan rituals celebrating the sun king, Balder. Recently I was working in a department store, and Christmas trees were being put up for the season. I delighted in telling customers that, clearly with all of the trees going up, Arbor Day must be just around the corner. Only about half the people got the joke.

In New York City, I worked at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. It’s a very tall building, and the elevator ride took a couple of minutes. One day I was sharing the elevator with a man who had one of those white lidded opaque buckets that seemed heavy. What little light could pass through made it appear that it contained a fluid that looked a bit like water, but probably was not. The shadow of something, about the size and shape of a human brain, floated to the side, and slowly floated away again. I asked the man if he lost his mind. He didn’t have a sense of humor.

I feel like I should apologize for not writing a blog today. I do kind of feel bad, and truly hope that my follower isn’t too disappointed. Actually, for being a new blog, I don’t have a lot of followers, but i do have a few, and I honestly do want to thank the followers that I do have, and all of those who have read my works. I appreciate all of you more than you know.

Why do we say that somebody is insane when what we really mean is that they are out of sane?

When I was living in Boston I wrote down a few traffic laws for my mother. Like, left turn only lanes aren’t. There are no speed limits, but there are speed pleas. Triple parking is illegal until all of the double parking spaces are taken. Red lights are a little complicated, because if you are the first car at the light you have to pause at green to be sure nobody is trying to beat the light coming the other way, but if you are the second car then you are required by law to honk when the opposing light turns yellow. Everybody has the right-of-way entering a round-a-bout, and the right-of-way when they’re on it, and the right-of-way as they exit. If a car is upside down with a driver trapped inside, you must stop if you’re on your way in to work, but by law, if you’re on your way home, you’re required to honk and yell at the trapped driver to get that piece of junk out of the way.

Seriously, though, I’m sorry I won’t be blogging today. Please check back tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have something then.

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