Serenity 6/6/19

By Richard Bleil

This blog post is an experiment. Let’s be honest, everybody, each and every one of us, periodically needs a little bit of serenity every once in a while. Just a little bit of time to ourselves, a little peace and quiet, a chance to unwind and relax.

What I want to know is, if you read serene scenes, will you feel the serenity, even if just for a moment?

For example, I might write about a gurgling brook gently flowing past a wooded gorge, beautiful blue sky with small clouds playing. Sitting alone on a rock as the pathway is punctuated by high stone walls on either sides carved out by the river that once flowed through. The soft green moss growing on the trees and stones, birds singing behind you. A shadow crosses your gaze as an eagle silently glides high over you. The leaves rustle gently as a chorus to the ears. Over the crest of a hill your only visitor takes the form of a curious beautiful red fox, wanting to see what you are doing, but too bashful to get close.

Or I might write of a beautiful empty beach, leaning back on the beautiful white sand, the sound of the ocean as its foamy tongue laps the sand ahead of you. In the distance, a few dolphins playfully play with a sailboat. The misty breeze blowing off of the ocean cools your skin as the hot sun shines down on it. The lighthouse sitting silently awaiting the night on the rocks to one side as seagulls fly on the other. A crab side-steps towards the ocean, hoping to avoid detection as it hunts for a meal.

Perhaps I should write of an old library, with nobody in sight, musty smell in the air, sitting in a leather chair surrounded by bookshelves filled with marvelous books of all ages and genres. The delightful silence envelopes you like a warm blanket with the still air at the perfect temperature. Your favorite book open on your lap, as the aroma of your warm drink drifting into the air to tickle your olfactory senses. A beam of sunlight streams through a high window providing natural light with perfect illumination for reading, announcing its presence as a pale blue beam striking the floor to your side.

Maybe it would be better to write of a park, gently swinging in a hammock, the sun peaking through the leaves of the trees above. In the grass a bird hops as she hunts, fluffy baby birds hungrily chirping behind her with every successfully hunted insect. A ladybug tickles your hand as she creeps along to greet you. To your right, tall uncut grass is beginning to go to seed as it sways a gentle dance for your amusement. The silky smooth material of the hammock gently massages your arm, your head propped on a little pillow of just the perfect firmness. On the other side, down a gently sloping hill a lake ripples with small waves as a family of ducks cross it.

Would it be better to write of a campfire, gently crackling, emitting heat and light as the flames dance and lick the air. Sparks rise gently towards the white stars like pinholes in the blue-black night sky. An owl announces itself somewhere in the dark as you lazily enjoy your snack. Chirping crickets announce the temperature with their frequency of song as ladybugs seek their mates, flashing their intention in the yellow hue of their desire. The smell of smoke from the fire fills your senses, and the chill of the night air excites your skin. The air is nearly still, but with just enough motion to feel it on the hairs of your arm, steadily progressing across the fields.

Maybe serenity is the sound of a steady rain on the pains of the window after the electricity has gone out. Sitting alone in the dark, watching the sky light in unexpected patterns as lightning strikes somewhere far in the distance, gentle rumbling of thunder wafting through the house. Your pet is curled up, laying next to you, wanting to comfort you and be comforted as your hand absentmindedly strokes the soft fur. The ambiance is enhanced with the crackling sound from the fireplace, shadows dancing on the walls. The familiar contour of your favorite seat gently embraces your form, reflecting the warmth of your body back towards you.

I hope this worked. Are you feeling more serene? Has the experiment worked?

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