Cozy 6/12/19

By Richard Bleil

Ugh, I don’t want to get up yet.

Did I fall back asleep? I…ugh, too late now. Sleeping in.

Pillow feels small. I wonder where my other pillow is.

It has been so hot lately. Love cool mornings like th…

My back hurts. Rolling to my side. Damn this pillow, where…

I wonder what time it is. Ooh, feels good sleeping on my stomach. This pillow is perfect to sleep on my st…

No elbow room. Other pillows must be on my sides. It’s okay, I’ll move them when I get back up. I’m going to just sleep in a bit lon…

Damn, mattress is firm. Bed is narrow. Not much room for my arms. What happened last night? Did I fall asleep in somebody’s…

Gotta pee. I wonder if it can wai…

Must be late. Really dark. How long have I been asleeeeee…

Where am I? So stuffy. Ugh…sleep. Must sl…

What the hell…what am I wearing? So uncomfortable. Should get up and get in pajaaaaaa…

Did I sleep through my alarm? Maybe just a few more minu…

How often have I woken up? Why is it to hard to wake up. So dark…so stuffy…so cool…so…so…….so tire…

Ow, what was that? What…wait…what’s above me…I, I can’t see. Am I…am I awake?

Why can’t I see, are my eyes open? Oh, god, I might be blind, my eyes are open. What the hell is this? Where’s my phone…

Wh…why can’t I move my arms to the nightstand? I’m pinned in on both sides.

OUCH. Damn, what’s above me? I can’t bend my legs without bashing my knee…wait, what is this above me?

It’s…it’s hard…feels like, is it covered by clothe of some kind?

Wait, am I surrounded by walls? What…hey, if I knock on it, it’s muffled but sounds like wood. What the hell?



Oh God, got to get help. “HELLO? HELLO?”

I’m surrounded. I think it really is a coffin!


Got to get out, got to get out, “AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Must get out, how do “HEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Get out, got to, stuffy, got to get, so tired, “HEEEeeellllp!”

God, did I fall asleep again? Wait, could it be…was it just a nightmare? No, no it’s true, I..”HEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPPP” GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT


Okay, didn’t work. Not budging. Oh, shit, have the coffin been buried? “HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP!”




Air must be thin. Keep passing out.

Okay, figure this out. If I’m in a coffin…and, if the coffin has been buried…oh, god, I’m buried alive…how…hold it together…don’t cry…don’t…

Okay, no more crying. Pull it together. Figure it out. Nobody can hear you, don’t scream, conserve air. Can’t push out, no use in trying. Let’s just…just relax…think…just think…

Pray. That’s it. Pray.

Pray? God, I must be desperate. Haven’t prayed for years. God, help me. I…

“God, it’s me. We haven’t spoken in a while.” So stuffy. Conserve air. Short. “I’m trapped. Please help. I’ll…if you help me I’ll…well, please.”

Piss poor. God won’t listen to that. How can I make it better? Umm…I…conserve air…


Okay, prayed. Umm…yeah, pushing doesn’t even budge the lid…was…was that a creek? Why would it creek?

Oh, of course, the weight. Must be a ton of soil on top of it pushing down, maybe if I can just…maybe I can pull…it…in…

Can’t find a surface to pull on. Gotta…gotta…GOTTA…PULL OFF THE CLOTHE…NOT COMING OFF…

SCRATCH IT! SCRATCH! KICK AND SCRATCH!!! PULL IT IN!!! SCRATCH…OUCH, MY NAILS ARE BENDING!!! DAMN, THEIR BREAKING…KEEP SCRATCHING…keep scratching…so stuffy…scream…scratch…”aaahhhh”…so….so…keep scra…

“God, look at that expression!”

“The lid is tore up pretty good. There was a lot of fight in this one.”

“The fingers look like they were bleeding pretty good. Look at this nail embedded in the lid.”

“Lieutenant, can I take the corpse?”

“No, we still need some more processing. Get the photographer in here.”

“Press is here.”

“Geeze, they never let up. Looks like the fingerprints are worn off. Better get a DNA sample.”

“Press, Lieutenant.”

“On my way.”

“So this is NOT another victim of the ‘dark undertaker?'”

“I didn’t say that. I said it’s too soon to say it with certainty, but it is the same M.O.”

“How many does that make?”


“But you have reason to expect there are more?”

“There are still many ‘missing persons’ that from the same approximate age group that have been reported missing in similar situations.”

“Were they all buried alive?”

“We don’t know. Automated records from the funeral home show that the cremation furnace has been used more than accounted for. It’s possible some victims were cremated.”


“Possibly, if at all. We don’t know yet.”

“If they were cremated, were they awake? Lieutenant? Lieutenant??”

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