The President 8/7/19

By Richard Bleil

Historically I’ve tried to avoid discussing the president directly, but it’s time. Be forewarned, this will likely anger many of his supporters, and any of my regular readers realize that I have left leanings (although I consider myself a moderate), and usually I try to avoid telling people what to think, preferring instead to give people things to think about. But the point today is to tell the truth, yes, the truth, so it will undoubtedly upset those who prefer living in ignorance.

First of all, let’s be honest about this: the president is a bigot. There is far too much evidence to ignore this, The man opened up his campaign calling all Mexicans rapists and murderers. This is racism, plain and simple, and even if later he did try to recant (weakly) claiming that “some might be okay”, the damage had been done. He continues trying to blame minorities for continuing violence such as what occurred in Texas and Ohio, but the reality is that the vast majority of these tragedies are caused by white men.

He has been doing a pretty good job for the last couple of days sticking to the “sympathy” script, but he is avoiding the underlying problems. He has lately been saying that he is “in favor of background checks,” which are already being done. This is a roundabout way of saying he’s in favor of making no changes. It’s especially interesting that he is complaining that people suffering from “mental problems” are the problem, and claiming that he wants to be the president to do something about this when, in fact, the Obama-era law preventing guns from getting into the hands of people with certain mental instabilities was canceled by this president’s own hand.

Today, on my drive home, i was “fortunate” enough to stop for a bite, and found myself sitting underneath the television which was tuned into the president’s defense network, Fox. It was so, well, let’s just say I got to hear a soliloquy on how the president is not racist, and never supported extreme right white power people. Personally, I’m a believer in trends, and there is no denying that since the president launched his campaign, there has been an increase in hate based crimes, and an increase in fascist extreme right activity and crime. He can claim that he doesn’t support such hate crimes, but his actions say otherwise when he says things like “good people on both sides”. This is the weasle way to avoid taking sides.

As far as collusion goes, yes, he has colluded. As a matter of fact, In a campaign rally, he literally made the statement that maybe Russia should look into Hillary’s emails and, you know, I don’t know…we would take whatever they find. This is calling on a foreign power to interfere with the election. This is collusion.

And, yes, he has admitted to, at the very least, sexual assault, and has been accused of flat-out rape by many women who have nothing to gain from making the accusations. The same people that reveled in Clinton’s impeachment for a consensual sexual activity suddenly support the president, and these actions, accusations and admissions only cement their support.


And yes, the president has had some accomplishments, but most of those accomplishments are simply continuation of trends started by Obama. Declines in unemployment, market gains are trends that have been happening for almost ten years. This means that the president’s accomplishments in these areas belong to Obama. Meanwhile, policies like the “trade wars” are destabilizing the markets and harming those in the Midwest who supported the president the most. One of the accomplishments that the president can boast is a major increase in our national debt. The “tax break” he managed to pass cost most Americans more money than it saved, and as if that’s not bad enough, the “tax breaks” expire for over ninety percent of Americans a year or two after the upcoming election, except for the extremely wealthy. Ingenious, really; if he doesn’t get re-elected, the Republican party gets to blame the sitting Democratic (most likely although it could be an independent) president for the expired tax breaks.

If you still support the president, that’s fine. That’s what being an American is all about. But I would hope for two things. First, I hope that the support is based on things that you actually like about the president, and not just due to party loyalty. Second, I hope that your eyes are open to the facts. The real facts; not just Fox.

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