Frightened to My Core 10/25/19

Political Opinion by Richard Bleil

Some of us saw this coming for a long time. The evolution of hatred, the seeds sown even before the current president took office.

This is not going to be a piece critical of him. It’s his followers that frighten me.

It started with President Obama. An incredible leader, there were just so many so-called “Americans” that just couldn’t get past his skin color. After repairing the economy nearly destroyed by George W, and keeping a promise for health care reform made by both Republican and Democratic presidents and presidential candidates at least since Truman, after eight years in office with no significant controversy (well, there was the time he wore a tan sports jacket), the racism that had always been boiling just below the surface began bubbling forth, and this hatred elected the current president.

I don’t blame the president. It’s just who he is; a spoiled brat with no political sense, selling out to the highest bidder. He considers himself to be a businessman, so of course his services are for sale. But after so many scandals, how can he have any followers left?

The writing of his divisive “leadership” revealed its true nature during the election of 2016. It seemed as if his rallies were filled with anger and hatred. Protests broke out wherever he spoke (which I never agreed with; I may not like the man, but he has the right to speak his piece to those willing to listen. These protests grew violent as counter-protests became confrontational. The rhetoric of the then-candidate actively encouraged anger and violence against protestors until one supporter decided it was his “duty” to run his truck through a group of peaceful protestors. While this resulted in the death of one of the protestors, and it was clearly shown that the guilty party was a white supremist supporter of the candidate, in true and classic abusive narcissistic fashion, the candidate turned this around with victim blaming and whitewashing the event rather than trying to diffuse the anger.

The narcissistic re-writing of truth continued throughout his presidency, and his core supporters, primarily white males, have remained true to him. Even after the Mueller investigation they remained true. This Republican investigator, actually appointed by the Republican president, was honest enough to report that he found concerns, but lacked the authority to bring charges against the president. The president, in turn, twisted this fact claiming the investigation “exonerated” him, which it did not. And his supporters repeated his chant. Regardless of evidence of multiple scandals, they continue to believe his narcissistic re-writing of fact to the point that the only possible explanation is either a willful ignorance of fact, or worse, an appreciation of his lies.

He has cost our farmers enormous sums of money through his tariffs (which are always paid for by the American consumers), a wall being built as a political stunt to combat a problem that does not actually exist and displacing American ranchers in the process, alienating our allies to sell out to Russia and the Ukraine and more.

Today, his followers and protectors are Republican representatives in Congress. Today is the third time (that I am aware of) that Republicans have physically attempted to interrupt the impeachment investigations of the Democratic party. These proceedings are occurring in accordance with the constitution and are investigating very serious allegations of seeking foreign assistance against those he views as his political adversaries. These are charges that should be of concern of EVERY American, regardless of party affiliation. If he were innocent, he and his followers should welcome such an investigation. If he is truly honest, there will be no proof that can stand up, and it would make the Democrats look foolish. Instead, Republican Congressmen (as far as I know there are only white men involved) are breaking the law to interrupt this stage of the investigation. The full results will be reported if evidence is found worthy of impeachment, and the Republican party can recall every witness in their own follow up investigation, so why the desperation to interrupt the investigation if he is innocent?

What’s worse, these very congressmen, the men writing laws and sworn to uphold the US constitution, are risking security by violating cell phone rules in secure parts of the building, rules designed to protect us against evesdropping by foreign and potentially hostile nations.

This is disgusting, and every supporter of the president, and every one of the congressmen involved, should be mortified. These actions show disdain for American sovereignty, and not only a willingness to violate the US constitution but outright contempt for it.

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