Double Dipping 11/18/19

Random Thoughts by Richard Bleil

This is going to be an odd post. It’ll be odd because I have a strange thought running through my mind today that, frankly, even I think is odd. So, I’m going to put it out there, and we’ll just see where my twisted and not so stable mind wanders.

Double dipping is gross. Yes, this is the thought that I’ve been thinking about I used to have a colleague with whom I would periodically have lunch, and she always and immediately would double dip chips. But I have an odd kind of rule when it comes to double dipping. If I am with a woman that I would like to kiss, then I have no problem with double dipping. To answer the question that just popped in your head, no, as rude as it may sound, I never ate any more of the dip after this particular woman double dipped.

The logic is pretty simple. There is nothing I would be exposed to eating after she double dips than if I were fortunate enough to kiss her. Some years ago, a gorgeous (all to young for me) woman was working at a coffee shop. I don’t like coffee, but I love tea, and she made a chai latte for me. I tend to chat a lot if there is not a line of people waiting, which I was doing with her and her colleague who was behind the counter. The chai latte was sitting on the counter as her colleague was ringing me up, and she was cleaning the equipment. In the midst of the transaction, she had finished cleaning, and slowly, and very deliberately, walked up to the counter, picked up my chai latte and took a long, slow drink.

It may have been the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

When I pointed out that it was the drink she had made for me, she suddenly became very embarrassed, apologized, and quickly made another saying that usually that’s where she puts her drink. I think she honestly just made an innocent mistake, but, at the same time, I was more than a little bit disappointed that she made a new one for me.


Today on my social media page was a post from a year ago. I was working in a rather nice department store in the men’s department where we had a shirt that cost, I kid you not, $499. And it sold. While I worked there, my colleagues were selling the shirts, and the stack of available shirts dwindled further and further down. The one thing I was hoping was to sell one of those shirts, but we were down to the one last shirt on the display mannequin. It was my last day working there, and the odds were stacked against me, not only that anybody would want to purchase it but that it would coincidentally be the correct size as well. But a man came in with his wife, and that was the shirt that he wanted. I took it off of the mannequin, and he tried it on. Sure enough, it was the correct size, but he also wanted it tailored. This not only meant that the most expensive item in the department would have an additional charge, but it also meant that the shirt would not be returnable even with the store’s very liberal return policy.

That was a year ago today. I mention that here because that happened a month or so after my last girlfriend decided that if I had no money, I had no value. It’s been over a year since I was last with a woman. Actually, since I’ve even had a date.

Men will use abstinence as an excuse for some truly horrible behavior. Today there’s a term, “forced abstinence”, which is used to justify anger and even violence against women. Men will use the excuse of lack of sex to have extramarital affairs. But I am here to tell you that it is all bullshit.

I try to avoid swear words in my blogs because I don’t want to offend anybody with harsh language, but frankly, the kinds of behavior that men justify using abstinence or lack of sex is far more offensive than the word “bullshit”, so bullshit it is. For me, a year of abstinence is far less than the usual length of time between sexual encounters, but lack of sex has never made me modify, or want to modify, who I am. I’m an evolved and civilized individual, which means that I respect the rights and desires of those around me, including and perhaps especially women. If she is not interested, I respect that, and no amount of testosterone will change that. I am who I am, and that’s not just a walking penis. Never believe a man who uses lack of sex as an excuse for any kind of negative behavior. It’s just…well, you know.


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