Repetitive and Redundant 1/11/20

About my blog by Richard Bleil

The day that this blog is being written (I’m actually working ahead and have several queued up to publish, so heck, I may even by dead by now and you wouldn’t know it!) there have been 400 blogs published on this site.

Four hundred posts. I really need a life.

The host site, WordPress, has interesting statistical tools in it. I don’t know what you, as an individual, is looking at. However, I do see how many views I’ve had on any given day, and how many people are looking at what posts. I used this information when I did my anniversary post at the end of November. I suppose that the point to these statistics is to help commercialize the site. If I used these statistics, I would look at the types of posts people are reading (which kind of surprised me, honestly) and focus on those posts, cleaning them up and making them flashier. As it is, it’s really just kind of interesting to look at them as a point of curiosity.

Today, somebody seemed to be seeking a very specific topic. They read two of my posts, and each of them were on my nature as a workaholic (one published on July 7 of 2019, and the other on September 28 of the same year). It’s interesting that these are only a couple of months apart, but I’m not really surprised that I wrote on the same subject.

No, I’m not surprised that I wrote two blogs on this particular topic (actually, I’m surprised it’s only twice), but rather that two posts had the same focus. In fact, I rather expected that to be the case, which is why each title includes a date. See, the reality is that after four hundred posts, even I don’t remember them all. And, apparently, my memory is rather shorter than it perhaps should be. But, when a topic strikes me, I always write it independently of any other blogs.

I guess I owe my readers an apology for this. I don’t intend to be repetitive, or redundant, or to post on the same topic over and over again, but with my goal of writing a post every day (which I have done so far), it’s inevitable that some topics will be covered more than once. Heck, I’m into roughly fifteen percent of my second year doing this, so I’m sure it will happen more frequently as time goes on. But each post is uniquely written, and therefore reflects not only my experience but also my current state of mind when I write them.

Writing blogs is kind of an interesting process. Some days, I’ll whip one or two out quickly. The idea is there, the subject is something I’m passionate about, and whip whap whoop it’s done. Heck, yesterday I wrote four blogs (which is the kind of day that puts me ahead of schedule in these posts) in pairs of two. Today, I’ve only been up a couple of hours and this is my second. Other times I will spend an entire day trying to think of some topic, any topic, to write about. This is why I started including short stories, actually. WordPress tells me that I’ve posted one hundred and thirty-three days in a row. Actually, it’s been over 365, but there have been days that I stayed awake until well past two in the morning when WordPress starts the new day. Even though I posted before I went to bed, those counted by WordPress as having been published the next day, which technically is true, but still. I know the truth!

With this post, I’m just a couple of days of being two weeks ahead of schedule. Oh, if something is “timely” I’ll rearrange a bit, but I’m definitely ahead of schedule. In the past, this is how I’ve taken mini vacations from writing. I still log on every day because WordPress does this odd thing of not publishing posts until somebody logs on to the site. In other words, I have everything set up to publish at 6 AM, but they won’t post until after 6 AND somebody logs on. I don’t know the point to this; I guess they have their reasons. Still, this time I think I’ll use this time to work on other projects as well. Currently I’m writing two books (I need to choose one to focus on), a sequel to Vampire Genetics (available on Amazon and Nook) and a murder mystery adventure. So, maybe I can slow a bit on my posts and work on those. Either way, I look forward to continuing, and I hope that, regardless of redundancies, you continue to enjoy my blog.


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