Damned Friends 3/1/20

Thanks by Richard Bleil

A few weeks ago, I published a blog about the effects of lack of insurance that goes beyond just not getting treated for the problem at hand. My regular readers know of the trials and tribulations I’ve faced with employment, income, love, family, really just about my whole life.

Except for my damned friends. Almost immediately I was inundated by people providing advice on how I can get insurance, more food, medical help, how to live better and healthier and on and on and on and damn they’re annoying with all of their love and concern! Who wants to live a longer life when the extra years don’t come in until the very end when I’m too old to enjoy them, anyway?!?

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, this opening is meant to be farcical in nature. I’m poor in oh so very many ways, but I’m very wealthy in the love of my friends. Okay, it’s not the same as the love of a good life partner, but it’s still marvelous. It was the love of my life partner that allowed me to suffer through the symptoms of a heart attack for a week with no more concern that that required to accuse me of faking it. But it was my friends who were very upset when they discovered I had gone through this, but not at her. They were upset with me. It’s almost like they want to keep me around for some bizarre, twisted and unknown reason, probably so they can experiment on me as a live subject.

The post on my social media site (you know the one) was really kind of funny. A friend (a dear friend and colleague who, herself, has been through some pretty major health issues) was the first to comment on ways to save money using social programs, and encouraging me not to be ashamed to use them since I paid for them through many years of taxation, and she is right. These programs are actually designed to help people in my situation, where things just go, well, wrong. And I have paid for them. Frankly, I don’t want to utilize them, though, because while it is true that I’m currently struggling, I’m also doing alright, again thanks to my friends. So, being who I am, I of course resisted all of their suggestions, but wanted to be kind so I did reply in ways that I hoped would let them know that I appreciated their suggestions but wouldn’t be following them. This, of course, inflamed the discussion until they were arguing with me to just take care of myself damnit. The individual who first started this discussion thread actually texted me directly to apologize for the can of worms she had unleashed upon my post and said she hoped that I realized that they were simply worried about me and cared about me. She didn’t need to text (although I’m always delighted when she does), though, because I already knew that the thread was out of love, concern, and a desire to keep me in their lives as long as possible. I have no idea why.

My friends have really saved my life, so it’s all THEIR fault that you are subject to this blog post. Several of my friends have offered me shelter in their very homes to keep me out of the elements. I’ve had friends who have fed me in times of hunger and taken care of me in poor health. After my first heart attack, it was my upset friends who made me swear to tell them if I started feeling the signs of a heart attack again, and it was one of these friends that didn’t give me a choice to but to go to a hospital when I did.

So, you might be wondering, as I am, what the point to this post is. Maybe there is no point aside from saying to my friends that I really do feel their love, and I hope they feel mine for them. Maybe the point is to say that I appreciate their efforts to watch out for me, and that I realize that the only reason I’m safe now is because of them and offering my thanks to them. Maybe the goal is to say that I’ve recognized the efforts and love of the friends that I have in my life, and to encourage my readers to think about the friends in theirs so you can show your appreciation to them as I try (and fail to do so adequately) to do for them.

Thank you all, friends and readers alike, for all of your positive feedback, all of your love, all of your support. I cannot say enough how much you mean to me.

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