500 4/9/20

Another Milestone by Richard Bleil

Today’s post is interesting in at least one aspect (although I cannot speak to others). This is my five hundredth blog post.

That means that I started writing blogs five hundred days ago. Yup, I’ve yet to miss a day. Well, kind of, since there have been days that I counted “same day” as before going to bed, and I stayed up well past midnight. And I started actually posting my blogs a few days after I started writing them, so there have been occasions when I seem to have posted two or three blogs on the same day. Still, I count them as a blog a day. It’s my fantasy world, let me live in it!

It’s been an interesting ride for me. I started this blog as a means to keep my mind active through depression, joblessness, ended relationships and homelessness. Well, homelessness in a sense; I’ve always been fortunate enough to have friends who have banded together to keep me from sleeping under a bridge somewhere, and for that I am eternally grateful. But, it’s still difficult to feel like you’re intruding on somebody else and don’t have your own place.

Maybe someday. I can dream, can’t I?

I am, I must admit, continuing to grow and evolve. As of the writing of this blog, we are in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis and the self-quarantine process. Many schools have been closed for the remainder of the year. Although they continue to try to support parents who suddenly find themselves in the position of unexpectedly homeschooling their children (and I hope the teachers continue to be paid for the efforts the continue to make although in out society I’m not convinced that they are), I’ve come up with a new idea to help parents out as well. It actually comes from a concept I’ve been toying with for many years wherein I’ve been wanting to help parents to understand the basic tenants of science better so they are more equipped to help their children learn (I was originally thinking homework) science. Basically, I just want parents to feel more comfortable with basic topics in science.

Towards this end, I’ve recently started a new video series on YouTube called “Seventy Second Science”. The idea is simple; I want to upload a series of videos that are about seventy seconds long on various aspects of science. The topics are broken up into bites about seventy seconds long (roughly the average attention span for watching videos) and give just very basic concepts. It’s safe for all ages, but it’s designed for parents just to get them the information they need on the topics they need. There are no flashy science demonstrations (those are available in a LOT of places), and they’re not laden with explanation, just the straight facts. A parent can watch the topics they’re not comfortable with and review concepts without the cumbersome speeding through a lot of video just to get to the piece they’re looking for.

Beyond that, there’s not a lot that has changed for me. The science series is not exactly a “vlog”; I’m still partial to the written word. I know I’ve repeated topics on this page and for that I apologize, but let’s be fair: after five hundred posts, you tend to forget some of the things that you’ve written. Even this feels redundant to me; I’m sure I have written similar posts in the past.

I want to really thank my readers. Last year I hit over 1,000 “hits” on my site, not enough for advertisers to take note, but a lot more than I had thought I would get. It’s humbling to reach so many people, and I really appreciate all of your support. And, yes, my readership is worldwide. Well, maybe not EVERY country, but it’s been read in 47. Currently there are 195 countries, so I’ve had hits from a little bit less than a quarter of the world’s nations, and I have to admit, many of these have been one-time hits. Still, though.

I hope my readers have found these posts to be informative, thought-provoking, fun, and have had their lives enriched in some way. And a special thanks to those following my page. I’ve noticed it inching up slowly; sometimes I lose a few, sometimes I gain, but the overall trend has been slowly increasing to today’s total of 113 followers.

Okay, with all of this blogging, my keyboard is smoking. I’ll take that as a hint. Thank you again, stay safe, and please stay healthy.

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