No Difference 8/31/20

Political Thoughts by Richard Bleil

Echoes of 2016. On my social media feed, I’m seeing, once again, statements to the effect that there will be no difference between Biden and Trump.


Four years ago, I heard the same thing about Hillary in her campaign against Trump. And on some level, I understand. Hillary, nor Biden, are my personal first choice. Four years ago, the DNC played antics, and unfairly favored Hillary over her Democratic Rival Bernie Sanders, verified by email exchanges. Bernie has always campaigned with great success, and many argue that were it not for the DNC antics, Bernie would have won the Democratic nomination. In the meantime, Trump entered politics during the perfect storm. With a field of highly qualified presidential candidates, the Republican Party was overloaded with candidates of varying experience and history. In the beginning, almost nobody paid attention to Trump as he opened his campaign with hatred and bigotry, calling for a border wall to keep out the “criminals and rapists” from Mexico, railing of unfair trade with other nation, insulting the UN, NATO and allies while singing the praises of Russia. I’m all for friendly relations even with former enemies, but it is simply unwise to abandon long-standing friends to pursue so, which is for what candidate Trump advocated. As the other Republican candidates drew attention away from candidate Trump, they were at the same time eliminating each other, including their strongest candidates. Meanwhile, Trump entered the race with a group of loyalists because they knew him from his “reality” show fame, as he gathered more supporters promising to “drain the swamp”, implying that all politicians are criminals and implying that he would, somehow, be above the criminality.

Kind of ironic if you think about it considering the number of charges levied against the Trump administration members.

Four years ago, I could understand the arguments against Hillary. She won the election by what certainly appeared to be unethical actions of the DNC. I have several friends who refused to vote for Hillary because they were so upset by this seeming impropriety. I must admit that I understand their perspective, but I didn’t agree. They intentionally refused to vote or voted for a candidate they knew had no chance of winning, saying they were “trying to send a message.” Unfortunately, that message didn’t get across.

I like Bernie, but I also feel as if he’s made the same mistake twice. A declared independent congress member, he is trying to change the system and yet running on the Democratic ticket. I think he could have taken 2016 if he started, and continued, running on the independent ticket. But I voted for Hillary. I listened to Trump; I heard his xenophobia, anger and narcissism and could not imagine him in office. When he did take the election, periodically I would jab at my friends who said that Hillary would be just as bad to see if they still felt that way, but it got to be so cruel that I just couldn’t keep it up.

Today, people are saying Biden will be as bad as Trump. I cannot, for the life of me, understand this. Would I like to have seen Bernie as the Democratic nominee? Yes, of course, but the reality is that the only chance we have of getting Trump out of office is with the Democratic candidate. Yes, Biden is an “insider”, but to me that means he is experienced enough to have a chance to repair international relationships damaged by Trump with our allies and in regions of the world Trumps recklessness has left open to Russian influence. Yes, Biden has been a career politician, which to me means that he understands Constitutional rights, ethics and laws that have been constantly under assault and being violated by Trump and what seems to be his entire cabinet.

We have seen what happens with an inexperienced “outsider” in the Whitehouse. We’ve seen the playbook for a pandemic put together by experts in the field thrown away and the plague that resulted. We have seen what happens when politicians are replaced by cronies loyal only to the Executive branch of the government and investors and former CEO’s of corporations that are the nemeses of the offices in which they are put in charge. We have seen what happens when a party more interested in shuffling money to the super rich at the expense of the working class control the Whitehouse, Senate and for the first two years of Trump’s term the House of Representatives as well. We have seen this, and I don’t believe that this nation can afford four more years of Trump. No difference between Trump and Biden? Okay, if you truly believe that, then you have no reason to vote for Trump.

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