Social Media Prison 10/2/20

News of Richard Bleil

Another interesting day for yours truly. Yesterday, I reported that I had put a bid on a house. Today, it apparently fell through. I say “apparently” because it wasn’t denied so much as the seller said there was some kind of a problem with the bank. I have a suspicion that it’s a ploy to up their asking price since I overbid, but maybe it’s legitimate. I guess I’ll find out, but it’s a little disappointing. But to be fair, I’m not particularly upset either. First of all, as my good friend pointed out to me, there’s really no rush. He has been kind enough to allow me to stay with him as I seek and has shown no indication that he is getting anxious to be rid of me. He’s just a really great guy and has become a very good friend. In a way, I’m kind of gad that this all has happened to me because it has giving me a great opportunity to build strong friendships with him and others who have been kind enough to house me in my days of need.

The second thing could be divine intervention, or fate, or some other such reason. I’ve written before that I’m actually a man of great faith, but I’m not religious. I believe in God, and I did ask that if the house was the right move for it to happen, and if not to keep it from happening. So maybe it’s God’s intervention, or maybe it’s fate, or maybe it’s just dumb luck but if it doesn’t happen, then I assume it wasn’t meant to be. And that’s okay. I can accept that.

Things don’t always work out the way we expect or think we want them to, but eventually they do work out. So, I’ll keep looking. The secret isn’t in forcing things to work the way you think they should, but rather to accept the way they do work out. This was a very cute little house; my only concern is the neighborhood which seems nice enough but is in old part of the city. Frankly I’d rather commute into the city than live in it, so maybe there’s another house for me out there in the countryside.

In odd news, I’m in social media prison. Some time ago I made a joke in a comment on my friend’s post, saying that Republicans vote on November 5. I thought this was an obvious jest, but apparently, somebody took it seriously enough to report it as an attempt to spread misinformation. Just the concept that Republicans have a different day to vote alone should be enough to make this an obviously sarcastic comment.

In related news, apparently now Fox News needs to change its name to Faux News. For several years, many legitimate news sources have tracked fallacies and inaccuracies in the Fox News Network, to the point that anybody seriously interested in following the news won’t even watch. Their main anchor, Tucker Carlson, has been in and out of court with various defamation lawsuits for many years. As it turns out, to get out of one of these lawsuits, the attorneys for Faux News argued that Tucker Carlson’s show is not news at all. In the defamation lawsuit, the attorneys made the argument that Tucker Carlson makes statements and claims so egregious that any reasonable viewer would realize that it’s not really a news program at all, but rather, an entertainment show. The judge, appointed by the current administration, agreed. The judge agreed that Faux News is not news, ironically appointed by the same president who (at least until recently) touted the honor and truthfulness of this news program. This is the same approach that was used to defend Rush Limbaugh, also successfully, eventually requiring a disclaimer before each broadcast proclaiming the show is for entertainment purposes only. The good news is that, according to this judge, anybody who tries to make any claim based on any item of news from Faux News can now be dismissed out of hand as “entertainment” rather than factual news.

I kind of hope that you, my reader, has been reading this post with a smile and better a chuckle. This news strikes me as comical, and I hope you find it as amusing as I do. It was a lesson I learned a long time ago, through dark days of divorce, deadly health problems, poverty, unemployment and death. It’s easy to look at disappointment and see only darkness and loss, or you can try to find the absurdity and humor in it all. Humor helps deal with the darkness, and with all of the darkness in our world today we need all the humor we can find.


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