Covid-19 Administration 10/3/20

Thoughts by Richard Bleil

My regular readers should have gleaned from my posts that I’m not a fan of the president. Still, I wish him and his administration no ill will, so when they announced today (as of the writing of this post) that the President contracted Covid-19, my response was not to celebrate. I wish them a speedy recovery and will not rejoice in their suffering, and yet, neither will I feel sorry for them. The President, and indeed many in the Republican Party, have downplayed the pandemic some to the point of actually forbidding the wearing of masks by their employees.

It is an easy target to start talking about karma in the president contracting the very viral infection he has dismissed as being insignificant, but it goes even deeper than this. My friend and I were discussing this development, and she suggested the possibility that it’s just a hoax perpetrated by the president for the upcoming election. After all, there are some potential benefits to this. First, there is the potential pity “bump” in approval by people feeling sorry for the president. In addition, the president has shown himself to be poor at debate, unable to maintain control, prevent himself from interrupting unprofessionally, and controlling what he says. Personally, I expect this recent development to at least cause the debates to be postponed, if not canceled, or leading to a “stand in” to debate on his behalf. Should this come to pass, no doubt they will choose somebody better polished, practices and suited for a presidential debate.

This might seem like a pessimistic opinion, but because of Trump’s history, it’s difficult to dismiss such thoughts out of hand. For what it’s worth, I don’t believe this is the case, but, neither does it sound far-fetched to the point of being impossible. It’s sad that our president’s past makes such ideas sound feasible, regardless of how underhanded and dishonest they might be. She suggested that all he would need to pull off such a con would be to have his administration loyal enough to keep the secret and his doctor to lie for him. We all know that his administration are extreme loyalists. He has spent the last four years dismissing anybody who shows the slightest independent thought and anything less than absolute blind loyalty. This same attitude has removed leaders of departments meant to be non-partisan and damaging their reputation, like the CDC, the Supreme Court and the DOJ to the point where now anything that comes out of them are suspect. This is one of the principal reasons that I cannot vote for him; anybody so concerned with oversight must be afraid that something will be discovered, and we are beginning to see what those deep dark secrets might be.

As for the doctor, I would remind my readers that his personal physician has already been caught telling lies on Trump’s behalf. In 2015, his doctor Harold Borstein allowed Trump to dictate his own letter on his health and signed it before the election. In 2018, he was shown to have misrepresented his health after a checkup. In February, 2019, Trump made a forty hour visit to the Walter Reed hospital where it was suggested he might have suffered “mini-strokes”. His attending physician, Dr. Sean Conley, wrote that the president “is in very good health” and that he anticipates that “he will remain so for the duration of his Presidency, and beyond.” This statement was condemned by other physicians for its boldness and reckless statements saying that such predictions are uncommon and unprofessional. It has been suggested that this statement, too, was dictated by Trump himself.

So is it karma that the President has contracted Covid-19? Is it karma that there are now people who distrust him to the point that they believe his contracting Covid-19 is a hoax? Well, who am I to decide what is and what is not karma, but this is why I cannot feel sorry for him, either in his contracting the Coronavirus, nor in people not taking his infection seriously. His treatment of the pandemic, and the unquestioning zealot-like behavior of the Republican party and those surrounding him has created a dangerously unhealthy environment that no doubt was a major contributor to his own infection. Wearing masks was like admitting that the President was wrong in how he undermined the dangers so of course nobody wore them. In fact, the president would be mocked anytime somebody did because of his handling of the pandemic. In addition, his record of lies and misleading statements has created a reputation in which anything that happens, even something as tragic as this infection, is viewed with suspicion. I wish him a speedy recovery, but I also hope he and the Republican Party lose in November so badly that it forces them to restructure their entire party to be responsive to the needs and desires of the people.


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