Anticipation 10/18/20

Thoughts by Richard Bleil

What a day this has been. As of the writing of this post, there are several things all happening that I have to wait for, some longer than others.

Last week, I put a bid in on a house. It’s actually a beautiful house, far more than I need, and in excellent condition. I’ve been trying to keep the houses I’ve been looking at very cheap, with the basic assumption that the house I end up with will need a lot of work even if it is “livable”. That is, I am only bidding on houses that look like I could move into them with relatively little work, and then fix up the house so it’s nice moving forward. This house, with two floors, listed as four bedrooms (but there are far more, including rooms off of bedrooms) and two baths (but there are three) is far more house than a single old man like me needs. But, it’s also in very good condition, and although it’s slightly more than I had been looking at, I don’t think I would need to put any work at all into it save perhaps to clean the floors and maybe repaint a few rooms.

This is an HUD property, so when I bid, I was told that they checked the bids every night at 11:59 PM. I bid on Monday, so I had a pretty bad day on Tuesday thinking I didn’t get the house. Late that night, I was chatting with a friend online and wanted to send her (this was actually around midnight) the link because she wanted to know about it. I thought it was on one of my chats with my Realtor, so I opened that up to find the link when I realized it was in an email. So, I opened the email and copied the link, but instead of sending it to my friend in chat, I ended up sending it to my Realtor. It turns out she was awake, so I apologized, and she told me that they will check the bids on Friday at 11:59 p.m., so here it is, quarter to ten, and I’m waiting to see if I need to keep house hunting or if I’m done.

So annoying.

Today I did something exceptionally stupid. I bought a motorcycle. I’ll be honest; I’ve been thinking about buying a bike for years, but I want a very comfortable and quiet bike. I really don’t like the annoyingly loud bikes, and I’m not interested in speed demon riding or jumping. I’m far too old and, frankly, far too conservative a rider for that, so I opted for a touring bike. But the thing is I’ve never been on a motorcycle, not even as a passenger. All I know about them is what I learned from watching the old police show CHiPs in the ‘70’s, so this was rather impetuous. No, I haven’t ridden it yet, and I decided that I am going to hold off until I take a beginner’s motorcycle safety course.

So very annoying.

But it’s very late in the season. I found the state motorcycle safety school which does have courses running to mid-November, but they’re booked solid. I found a couple of dealers offering classes, but they’re apparently done for the season. Then I found a school that is running this season yet, and has openings, so I registered today. But, it’s a four-day course, and it starts Tuesday, so I have to wait for that.

So very terribly annoying.

Still, anticipation can be a good thing. And this isn’t so bad. In four days, I’ll be in class learning something new, and I’m sure I’ll be able to ride. If I don’t absolutely love it, this bike will have a great resale value because, first of all it’s used so no “fresh off the showroom floor” value drop, and second I’m getting a tremendous end-of-season discount.

Anticipation, though, is one of the great spices of life. People looking for “instant gratification” will never understand this. I’ve had chemical reactions that took weeks to complete and run computer simulations that took months. My book, Vampire Genetics, took a decade to write, and I have a research project that is in its fourth decade now. It’s like waiting for Christmas. The gifts might be bad, or they might be a dream come true, but until you know the excitement is palpable. I’ve been down for so long I’m excited to have this news to look forward to. When I get the news, maybe I’ll be happy, maybe it’ll make me sad, but I’ll revel in the anticipation, and happy or sad I’ll at least feel alive when I finally hear.


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