House Update 11/16/20

News of Richard Bleil

This week, if all goes well, I should be handing over a rather large check and closing on my house. Actually, I’ve been doing quite a bit in preparation for this which I would like to share, and maybe, just maybe, there’s a moral lesson in this. One lesson is not to confuse lesion with lesson, as my spell checker keeps wanting to change the word lesson. I have no idea why; maybe it’s a bad omelet.

Still no closure date, but I strongly expect it to happen this week. Once that’s done, I have no idea how long it takes to turn on the utilities but hopefully I’ll be able to move in before Thanksgiving. I suspect that this house was a repossession, which is certainly not a happy situation. I have a hard time dealing with this, especially since it will be such a benefit for me because somebody is on a very difficult path. But I know that, whether I buy this house or not, this person (or these people) will still lose the house anyway. My friend is concerned about this out of fear that the house was not taken care of by the previous owners, but this is not a major concern to me. First of all, when I looked around, I was seeing a lot of signs of major home modifications and quality work as I looked. Secondly, I have to admit I’m kind of hoping it’s not perfect. I very much want to test my abilities to make at least minor home repairs. I know the theory, and I think I will be good at it, but I hope to find out.

I’ve been doing more and more in preparation for moving in. I purchased a washer/dryer combination, and a deep freeze. I also bought living room and bedroom furniture. I’m a man, so I have to admit, I’m going a little bit different from a couple might. For example, instead of buying a kitchen table, I bought a gaming table with four chairs. I specifically looked for a convertible table, so the top can be flipped over. One side is for gaming, and the other is solid wood and would work as a kitchen table.

The beds are strange. See, I don’t know when I’ll finally close and be allowed to move items into the house, so I bought a very nice adjustable bed, but I began to think about what to do until then. Honestly, I know my roommate has made it clear that I can continue to live here, but I still feel guilty about taking his bed (and bedroom), so I want to return it as soon as possible. As soon as possible means a bed, heat, water and electricity. Heat in this house requires gas, and I don’t mean because I’ve eaten Mexican fast food.

For the bed, after ordering a king-sized adjustable bed, I found a queen size memory foam simple bed. This bed is currently rolled up, as beds often come these days. If you’ve never had one, basically you unroll it, and you have to let it expand out for at least a day. Because it’s still rolled up, it’s easy to throw into my truck, so as soon as I close, I’ll be dragging that upstairs and unrolling it. Eventually, when my king bed comes in, I’ll be able to use that as a guest bed just in case I ever actually have somebody visit. Or if I’m on a date and she wants to sleep at my place, then she’ll have her own bed.

The strange thing is that pretty much everything is scheduled to be delivered on the same day. So, I very well could end up having three delivery trucks and delivery teams coming in to set things up at the same time. I’m envisioning a real Keystone Cop kind of situation, just people running around bumping into each other. One setting up my adjustable (and very overpriced) bed, one setting up a houseful of furniture and one setting up my washer/dryer and deep freeze.

Yes, I bought a deep freeze. I have to admit, I’m kind of excited at the prospect of getting a quarter of a cow. Yes, I have vegetarian friends who just threw up a little bit in their mouths, but the funny thing is that I actually like the round steaks. These are the cheap and tough steaks. My then-wife and I had a quarter cow and we struggled with what to do with this. I did an experiment, and cut it very thin, fried it with onions, mushrooms, green peppers, spices and flavoring, and Swiss cheese and served it up in hoagie buns inspired by the steak sandwiches I used to get from street vendors in New York City. My wife loved them, and periodically would ask me to make them. I’m looking forward to making them again, and I have to admit, I’ll enjoy them more so knowing that she’ll never have them again after throwing me out.

Okay, maybe that’s cruel, but I’m definitely looking forward to moving in to my own place again after so long.


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