A Love Letter for My Readers 12/10/20

Appreciation from Richard Bleil

Author’s Note: When married, or in a serious relationship, I will often write love letters to my significant other at a frequency greater than one every couple of weeks. These letters are meaningless, no purpose, no agenda, just letters of appreciation. Unfortunately, I have been single for far too long, so I want to write a letter just to write a letter, and I’ve chosen to write a letter to you, the reader of this, well, love letter.

My Dearest Reader,

Every day, for nearly two years, I have written blogs, and you have remained loyal. Ours is a symbiotic relationship, for without you I am not a blogger, but rather just a man wasting time writing for nobody. I cannot tell you what you get out of reading my work, but I hope that I have been a benefit for you, making you happier, or more a more critical thinker, or more curious. Whatever it is that I do for you, if you are my friend, or my fan, or my follower, or a one-time reader, I hope that I can be at least value added for your life.

Every day for nearly two years I’ve asked myself what I can do for you, what I can write, how I can enhance your imagination, how I can keep your interest. If I were to be completely honest with myself, I don’t feel as if I am worthwhile of you. I question my talent, and how interesting I can possibly be. I try to be intelligent, but no doubt I fail in that endeavor. I try to be humorous but question my punny approach to humor and hope it meets up to the standards that you deserve. I try to inspire thoughts and questions but I’m sure that you’ve already considered anything I have to offer.

Some of you are my friends, always loving and supportive and far better friends than I could possibly deserve. Some are my followers, people who don’t know me but are followers I find it hard to believe I have earned. Some have read a post here or there or are reading this as the very first piece of mine you’ve read, and I can only hope I live up to your expectations.

It’s an odd thing, the dichotomy between what I hope I bring you and my belief in my own ability to do so, and what you expect of my writing. I can’t hope but wonder how similar, or dissimilar, our expectations might be. But I do know that I’ve enjoyed the effort to live up to your expectation, and I’ve learned a lot about myself, and I intend to continue in my efforts. There is nobody I would rather write for than you.

Your soul is sweet, and your heart is open. You’ve been gentle with my mistakes, and generous with your time. I’ve tried to be open and honest with you, perhaps to a fault. I’ve poured myself into these words that you have read, the ideas you have heard and yet you have stayed. Every confession I’ve made has been like a burden lifted off of my shoulders, every chance I’ve taken sharing what I feared might be controversial is like another badge of honor, but ultimately, it is you, my readers, that helped me lift that burden, and gave me that badge of honor.

Never have I expected you to agree with what I write. I know that everybody has their own opinions, and my blog is nothing but a way for me to open up and share. My greatest hope is little more than to provide things to ponder, points you may not have considered, nothing to change your mind but perhaps, if it worked, to help broaden your perspective. The reality is that you probably have read nothing here that you haven’t already thought of, but maybe I was lucky enough to put those thoughts in a new way.

All I know is that I need my readers, but only like I need air. You are my life blood, as important to me as the water that sustains my life. My appreciation is deeper than words can express, and I’m thankful every day to have such great supporters as you. Yours is the rock that forms the foundation of this project upon which I’ve built my efforts. And for this, I want to thank you, and hope you know how much I appreciate what you have done, and still do for me.

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