Marj 1/31/21

Political Thoughts by Richard Bleil

If ever proof was needed that the problems of the Republican Party is not from Trump but rather roots that gave rise to him, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is it. A Q-Anon follower, promoter of conspiracy theories, promoter of violence against the US constitution, racist and anti-Semite, there is already (as of the time of writing this) an article of censure against her that has been submitted, and there is talk of introducing an article to remove her from office.

The thing that bothers me, though, is that with all of this news, she was only elected on November 3, and sworn into office a month (or so) ago. Many of the issues that are being brought up are from before the election (although not all of them).

Keep with me here. I am not saying I agree or even like the things she has done. However, unless she broke laws for which the statute of limitations has not expired, I don’t believe she can really be censured today. As horrible of a person as she is, and as badly as it reflects on Georgia that she was elected, the people of that state have spoken and said they want her in Congress.

That she was elected does, in my opinion, demonstrate the need to review the voting laws in Georgia to be sure that she was not elected because of voter manipulation (gerrymandering and voter suppression laws which I’m sure will be found to be the case). And any actions since being sworn into office are definitely actionable if they are a violation of House rules or ethics, which I believe is already the case as well.

Democratic representative Cori Bush (D-MO), a black woman representing Missouri, has claimed that Marjorie has accosted her in the hallway, and that her staff has threatened Cori’s staff. There is not a company in this country that wouldn’t fire me for creating a hostile work environment, and even if the House doesn’t have rules against it, it is the law of the land. If an investigation (yes, an investigation should be required) yields evidence that Marjorie and/or her staff has created a hostile work environment, then yes, indeed, she needs to be held responsible for this.

This is the thing about a democratic society and nation of laws. The citizens of Georgia have spoken, and whether we think their choice is a nightmare or not, they get to choose their representatives. And anything that Marjorie said before the election (unless it violates the law such as speech inciting violence or threatening another) is protected as “free speech”. With the articles flying around about what she said or posted, it’s easy to become upset (I know that I am) and question why she was put on certain committees (like education). That is our right, and we are allowed to speak out against her, but she was not bound by rules of behavior or ethics of the House of Represented until she took the oath of office. So, we need to be a little bit careful about the timeline of these incidents.

The deeper issue is how she managed to get elected in the first place. Since the election, there have been, quite literally, over one hundred bills introduced in various states to restrict voting. This is not a problem with Marjorie, but rather a systematic issue of racism perpetrated mainly by the Republican party, the same party that managed to push Trump into office four years ago. This truly bothers me, that an entire party, nearly half of our political system, actually embraces racism. On the state level, Georgia voted in Marjorie, Florida passed a resolution backing Trump even after he lost the election, and in Wyoming, Liz Cheney was censured by the Republican party for trying to do what was right by refusing to back Trump’s lies on the stolen election. It’s a party-wide failing that they don’t want their elected officials to do what’s right so much as to tow the line.

I’m not saying that the Democratic party is any better. Yes, the Democrats have had similar controversies as well in the past, and no doubt will again (which is why I’m not a Democrat either), but right now, in this moment in history, we as a nation are faced with atrocities by the Republican party as they back a representative claiming the Jews created a space laser that is causing the forest fires. It’s simply disgusting, but is it really illegal? Does it call for action against Marjorie, or for action against the Republican party as a whole?

The most important thing to remember is that we, you and I, are the only ones who can hold the Republican party culpable. It is up to us to speak out, to vote them out, and to leave the party until they get the hint that their house has too much toxic mold. Recently it was reported that ten thousand registered Republicans switched their party affiliation in Pennsylvania since the insurrection. It’s a drop in the bucket when compared to the millions of registered Republican voters, but it was enough to make headlines, and hopefully, put the fear of a trend in the hearts of the Republican leaders to take note. This is the American way.

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