Valentine Love Letter 2/14/21

A love letter by Richard Bleil

My dearest sweet love,

This humble letter is just to let you know that you are in my heart on this blustery winter Valentine’s Day. Although we are apart today, I know it will not be long until we are again reunited. Although fate has conspired to keep us apart, our souls have been together, fused as one for years. Our friendship has stood the test of time and is more important to my well-being than air. If I cannot have you in my life in matrimony, I am blessed with your friendship. I am delighted to sacrifice our time together to protect you and your happiness and thank you for the time we can have in any capacity in which I can be with you.

I make no secret of my physical attraction for you. You are a beautiful woman, stunning for a woman of any age, with a style that only enhances your looks and yet only a fool would stop appreciating your beauty at the surface. Through our years together, I’ve come to know your heart, far more beautiful than any face could possibly hope to match. I’ve seen you face joy and pain, live through love and adversity, and shine just as brightly in all times. You’ve shown great passion and charity regardless of your circumstances, concern for others and support for those you love as you do those you do not know. Through it all I have stood with you and tried to support you as good as possible, meager though my efforts may have seemed. In my heart, I have always wished I could do more.

Today is Valentine’s Day. I’ve always felt that the man who needs a special holiday to remind him to treat his love as the love of his life is lost, and yet I am happy this day exists. You deserve to be pampered every day, and yet I could never forget this day either. This letter is just my humble way of saying that I wish it could be more. Some women rarely have their partners do anything special for them, and if they only know to give flowers and gifts and take a little extra time to show appreciation on this one day, then this day is more important than can be said. While I have tried to show my appreciation and love every day, I have longed to show it more strongly. My only hope is that I have shown my feelings for you adequately and that you feel my love for you while simultaneously not feeling pressured or threatened. If ever I made you feel uncomfortable or pressured, then I am deeply ashamed and owe you my deepest apologies.

My wish for you on this special day is that you find your day filled with love and joy and miracles from all directions, and sources both expected and unexpected. I know how adored and loved you truly are, and I hope you can feel it. You deserve so much love and deserve it for who you are. You give so much of yourself and often without hesitation that you deserve all of the love and joy the ideal Valentine’s Day is meant to bring. I’m hoping you are a sponge for the love and find yourself saturated by the day’s end.

If I am blessed that you are actually reading this post, which you may very well not, then there is a good chance that you do not even realize that it is you in my heart and my mind as I write these words. With the pain this realization brings me, I am happy nonetheless to live in the shadowy realm of your hidden background. Sometimes love means sacrifice, stepping aside for others to love you, and to protect those sources of love. Love, true love, is not selfish. Love is sacrifice, sometimes minor spending time to do something special and sacrificing time for gestures even as little as doing the dishes, and sometimes hiding in the background to let others shine in their love. I’ve never been in the light of love, but I hope this does not make me meaningless. Maybe I’m part of your background of love, a light that surrounds you whether or not you are aware. Playing even this part is a blessing to me.

For my dear readers, this is an example of the type of love letter I would periodically write to my wife, typically once every week or two. It’s a simple little meaningless letter that has no purpose outside of making her feel special and loved but, honestly, is there any letter with greater meaning than this?

Love always,

Your humble servant

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