Sick 3/18/21

Thoughts by Richard Bleil

Today has been difficult. I think I’m suffering from food poisoning. My symptoms are similar to stomach flu (which I promise I will not expand upon), but I hardly ever get out, so I can’t see how I could have been exposed to it, especially in this day of six feet of separation. By the way, this rule is really hard to follow during sex. Or…so I’ve heard. Not that I would know from personal experience.

Honestly, I think I know the culprit. I suspect it was the “Manager’s Special” two-dollar steak that I bought. Actually, there were two in the packet, so I can try the experiment later. That’ll be “fun”. I just hate wasting food.

I must admit, I do like my stead rare, so it was probably under cooked to boot. I think I need to stop going to that grocery store. Not because of the steak, that was my fault, but because apparently, I’m old enough for the senior citizen discount on Wednesdays. That’s a blow to the old ego.

So today I’m really just trying to stay inside and do pretty much nothing. I’m rehydrating, and afraid to eat much. My cat likes it, though. She’s been hanging with me all day long.

Speaking of, I went for a blood test with the vaccine test I’m in. They decided, yes, I have blood. They kept be waiting longer than usual; I think they forgot that I was there. It’s okay, really. I’m very patient when I’m a patient. I meditated for a few minutes in fact. As I was leaving, standing at the desk as they were scheduling my next appointment, one of the rushed up to me and shoved a blanket in my hands. “Oh, here, this is yours.” No, it’s not mine. My cat has decided that this is her new favorite blanket. It might be my fault, though. The first time she laid down on it, there was enough material to wrap it around her and tuck her in. She was so cuddly and warm that she completely ignored me, even as I ate the steak that made me sick. She just slept. Now she’s sitting next to me, and again I tucked her in. She’s sleeping so peacefully that I’ll feel slightly guilty when I wake her up with that air horn I bought.

So today (as of the writing of this blog, and I’m several days ahead as we speak) I’m watching dumb movies and writing intelligent blog posts. Okay, fine, they’re not all that intelligent, but I hope they’re at least entertaining. I love dumb movies, I must admit. A lot of people seem to be under the misguided impression that I am somehow intelligent, a nasty rumor I try very hard to avoid feeding into. Because of this, they often assume I must watch intelligent movies, movies meant to elicit emotions, make you think and lay bare the injustices of our world. Nope, not me. Give me a really stupid movie any day, the more ridiculous the better. Yes, I own “Plan Nine from Outer Space”, and “Monsturd”. I don’t know; they’re silly, and entertaining and, frankly, it’s not like you have to pay attention to them. I have “Top Secret” playing even now as I write this post. If I lose focus and miss part of it, it’s not terribly difficult to pick the story line back up. If I’m interested. Which usually I’m not. Even now there is a big shoot-out scene, and once again, the “bad guys” have terrible aim. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but the Storm Troopers had such bad aim that there were no urinals in the Death Star.

Yesterday, I spent a good portion of time looking through my DVD’s and Blu-Ray videos for those “digital copy” codes. It’s interesting; I have over 200 movies, but less than 10% of them had the codes. That was pretty much a waste of time. The digital movie service now has about twenty films in them, but the reality is that the only times I would watch them is when I’m home, but here at home I have the discs. Still, between bouts of running to the bathroom it was a good mindless chore.

I guess I shouldn’t be watching movies. My mother used to say that if I’m too sick for school, then I’m too sick for television. That’s just harsh. Actually, I put a television in the guest bedroom so on days that I’m not well I can lay in bed and watch movies. Of course, I’m on the couch, but I’m not really sick anyway. Just a little dehydration and food poisoning.


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