New 3/21/21

News for Richard Bleil

As of the writing of this post, there are several new things happening in my life. First, about an hour ago, my new insurance became active. This is significant for a couple of reasons. Some days ago I wrote about waking to my smoke detector going off. This was not a false alarm, or a weak battery as I could clearly smell and even see smoke. It was on the second floor (by my bedroom), and cleared up fairly quickly, but I never did find the source of the fire. That was the impetus for getting this insurance. I’ve been here for a few months but have had no insurance for it.

There were a couple of interesting riders on this policy. The first covers problems that might occur because of incomplete or poor inspections. This is important for me because although this is a new home for me, it was built in 1890, and when I arrived, even the toilets and hot water heater was not hooked up to the water. The second boosted the coverage by twenty percent. This will cover any additions I add, including the storage shed and the car port I have not yet installed. Because I’m improving the house (presumably anyway), this will be a good way to cover additions. It will also cover expenses if I find myself displaced from my house for a while.

The insurance also covers my vehicles, of which I currently have far too many. I still have that truck I had planned to give to my friend, and it’s finding function but mostly it’s just in the way. I shifted my car insurance to my new company for the bundled discount, but I’ve noticed that there are a couple of different types of insurance. My insurance company is really for younger people. It’s budget, while my new insurance company is really for people who are more established. It’s “adult” insurance. It’s a little more expensive, but the coverage is also more appropriate. For example, in my former insurance I was covered up to $25,000 for liability. This is the state minimum, but if I should be found at fault, this will run out very quickly and when it does, the other party, no doubt, would go after me personally. My coverage is now far higher, meaning that I’m better covered.

The other big news is that I’ve decided to resume therapy. Because of Covid-19, apparently, today, more of these services are going remote. The therapy is far different from when I first was in therapy back in the late ‘80’s. Back then, I was going twice a week for fifty minute sessions. I would show up in the waiting room until my appointment, and we would sit in her office and just talk. Some days I didn’t have much to say. Some days, I would break down and cry. It was interesting because I rarely knew what to expect, especially of myself. I do know that the days I least wanted to be there where the days I most needed it.

This one is apparently as much about self-help as it is sessions. There are “modules” for me to complete, a journal, questions, yoga and other tasks. I signed up for the basic passage, which includes one thirty-minute session a week. In time, I might upgrade, but I’m going to wait to see how this goes. I’m very curious to see how effective this new approach is, and I’m sure my faithful readers will be getting an earful on the topic.

There has been one interesting insight already. In the section designed to introduce yourself to your therapist (I sure how this is a legitimate site and not a scam) was a list of issues on which you wish to work. As I went through it, I was rather stunned at how many I had checked off. Ironically, I didn’t initially check off sleep problems. This strikes me as ironic because every night I lay in bed, with my demons tormenting me, often for hours at a time. Other issues include employment (clearly an issue of mine), relationships (oh, yes), and even Alzheimer’s. I’ve not been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but it is something of which I am truly frightened since all I have going for me is my mind, and of late, I’ve been worried that I’m seeing symptoms. This is excessively frightening to me.

So, we’ll see. Hopefully, I will never need my insurance, and although I do need the therapy, it will be a success for me. I’ll keep you informed.


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