New Venture 5/27/21

Thoughts by Richard Bleil

As my avid readers know, I’m kind of the patron saint of doing things right but everything goes wrong. I am proof positive that things don’t always work out the way you expect them to, but I also don’t give up. Recently, I retired from teaching, and frankly it was driving me crazy. So, I’ve started a new venture (yes, there will be a shameless plug here with a link).

After evaluating my finances, I’m sure I have plenty of money to coast for pretty much the rest of what I expect to be a fairly short life (recall I had a major heart attack at 47). Still, doing nothing would drive me crazy, I’ve decided I’m not going back to education, and supplemental income is always good. About a week ago, my friend started a Pampered Chef party online. I’ve been to them before, but as it turns out, they’re now mostly online (thanks in a large part to Covid). Now, I like supporting my friends. I made an early purchase (quite a large one since I’m still stocking up my own kitchen in the home, I’ve only lived in for about six months), commented on every post (at least that’s my goal, so at least nearly) and “liked” or “loved” them so I know I already commented. Yes, I use it as a flag, which works out for her.

That’s when her consultant decided to reach out to me to see if I would like to not only host a party but be a consultant as well. As a party host, you get gifts and discounts, but you get commission when you’re a consultant (or higher). So, I thought about this. As an opportunity, you get to work at home (unless you want to do live shows), you are your own boss (you do have a director keeping an eye on you), set your own schedule and get to meet new people. What a great way to occupy my beady little mind and supplement my retirement income. So, yes, I signed up.

I am now a Pampered Chef consultant ( ). If you’re in the US (my apologies to my friends overseas), are looking for kitchen items, want to book an item or even want to look into becoming a consultant yourself, feel free to reach out to me. SHAMELESS PLUG!

The reality is that I do love cooking. It’s hard for me to motivate to do it, though, so this will provide the impetus to try new things, check out new recipes and (my personal favorite) experiment to create my own. I learned about spices with stir-frying. I often used chicken and added spinach. Then I would add a sauce from the grocery store and add my own spices. I added spices by going through and smelling them, adding what smelled like a good fit. I have no recipes because it always ended up different, and they were delicious.

I bake and fry which often surprises people. Being an old man, how much skill could I actually have in the kitchen? The reality is that I’ve been alone most of my life, so the skill I’ve acquired is a survival tool. At my age, as alone as I am, there are really only a couple of choices; learn to cook or die. I am not a health nut by any stretch of the imagination, but let’s be honest; prepackaged ready-to-cook meals, delivery and restaurants are very expensive and rarely healthy. I don’t cook healthy at home, but it’s still higher quality, less sodium and healthier than what I can get from other sources. Yes, I cook.

There’s another benefit for the unfortunate through Pampered Chef. After my divorce, one of the most embarrassing things I’ve had to do is go shopping to restock my kitchen. I purchased cheap items at a mega store, and they wore as if they were cheap. As I was walking along with a shopping cart of kitchen basics, I realized that it was just an advertisement for “just divorced” for anybody who cared to look. Pampered Chef doesn’t have everything you need for the kitchen, but what they do have is exceptional quality, and it is delivered directly to your door (or in my case, to my mailbox location). I’ve ordered a lot recently (largely because of my newly acquired discounts), and although they haven’t arrived yet (as of the writing of this post) I have no concerns about the quality of anything.

No, this blog won’t turn into an advertisement. Okay, this one is, but it’s not my plan to make this all about Pampered Chef and my new business. Feel free to check it out if you’re curious (I am located in Omaha, NE), or ask me any questions you might have about becoming a consultant. I’m happy to do what I can for you.

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