Trump 8/14/21

Thoughts by Richard Bleil

Donald Trump is a traitor in my opinion. Yes, I mean that literally, and yes, I fear for what he is trying to do. The reality is that he and his followers, about a third of the country, seem to want to overthrow the US government, and do away with the US Constitution.

In his latest frightening action, he is calling on his loyal supporters to all get “Trump ID Cards”. Of course, they all cost money, but they are ID cards for those who have “sworn loyalty” to Trump.

Now, this might seem like a cute little publicity stunt, and your first thought might be that it’s harmless, but it is one step away from violent takeovers of roads and cities. Rebels in third world nations will set up check-points in these regions, and will stop traffic and demand identification, and of you’re not deemed to be on the “right side”, the result is often murder of everybody in the vehicle. With these “loyalty cards” (which are given on two levels, for “normal” supporters and “super supporters” not unlike “normal military” and “elite SS”) one can show proof that they are loyal not to the president of the United States, not to the US Constitution, not to the American way of life but to a former President and his conspiracy theorists.

The simple reality is that these conspiracy theorists that Trump and his loyalists peddle are harming America. They are weakening confidence in the American way of life. Our nation is built on the simple concept of democracy, meaning the louder voice wins as determined by elections, and the transition from one administration to the next is peaceful and respectful. This is something Trump is guilty of doing the same thing to that he hired prostitutes to do to a bed in a hotel where Obama once slept (if you recall the Urine-gate incident). Anybody who believes the big lie (that is, that the election was stolen) is choosing to turn their backs on both Democratic AND REPUBLICAN election officials, governors, judges, and recounts in favor of believing people like Mike Lindell, former admitted crack addict turn pillow salesman who has promised to release thirty-seven terabytes of data that apparently he and he alone has access to proving that the election was stolen. Does he actually have the data? I’m sure that he does, but that’s the wrong question. The correct question is how we are supposed to know that this data is legitimate and not falsified data that he paid to have generated. Among the data, for example, is proof that 24,000 votes had been switched in one county in Wisconsin that only has 17,000 registered voters. Does this seem reasonable to anybody who thinks for themselves?

In my opinion, it is time to call Trump to the mat for his continued actions. He has had his opportunity to stop, but because of him the anger in this nation is increasing and we are on the dangerous precipice of armed and bloody conflict, a conflict, I would remind you, that has already taken lives. Why is he not being charged with sedition? Why is he not facing charges of libel? Why is he not in Guantanamo facing charges of conspiracy against the United States?

There are, to be sure, reasonable Republicans. There are those who speak out against Trump and call for reason. I get that. And yet, they are in the minority in the party. Roughly a third of Americans believe Trump is the legitimate President, but over half of Republicans believe it. This is ridiculous, and the Republican Leaders have all continued to endorse and condone Trump’s actions, even changing their stories to protect him. The Republican Party has officially declared itself the party of Trump, so why are you supporting a party that has endorsed his lies?

Let’s play this out logically. Let’s assume that Trump does manage, by some miracle, to displace Biden and resume his presidency. Then what is to stop Trump from doing it again in the next election? Why should anybody ever vote again? The logical conclusion is the end of American democracy, and the advent of a new American dictatorship since, even if Trump lost the next election, there is no reason he would simply claim the same. How long until his people begin murdering people like me who speak out for reason, logic and true democracy? It’s time for the madness to end. This is truly damaging our nation.


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