Butterflies 2/9/22

Political Thoughts with Richard Bleil

A news article struck me today (as of the writing of this, about a week ago) not only for the un-American nature of the story, but the symbolism as well.  It seems that a butterfly conservatory in Texas (of course, it HAS to be Texas, doesn’t it?) has announced that it is closing its doors, but not due to budget or lack of visitors.  It’s closing down because of a stream of threats against the conservatory and the personnel who worked there (who are now unemployed) making it impossible for the directors to ensure the safety of its workers or guests.  Yes, you read that right.  Threats of violence against a butterfly conservatory.

Yes, of course it has to do with Trumps “big, beautiful wall”, the one that is so strikingly similar to the Berlin wall that the US and others around the world condemned for so very long until it finally fell.  Leave it to Trump to take a page from oppressive communist Russia. 

The Butterfly Conservatory had issues with the wall, and felt they had a just complaint.  THEY did what I believe Americans are supposed to do.  They took their cause to the courts to plead their case, where Trump’s conservatives can plead their case, allowing the justice system to make an independent and unbiased decision on the conflict.  Isn’t this what America is supposed to be, the right by trial by our peers? 

Unfortunately, this is not enough for the conservative Republicans.  Not the party, mind you, but the supporters who have been whipped into an unjust and dangerous mob by the Republican party.  God knows the party itself wouldn’t want to get its hands dirty; that might look like they’re as oppressive as they have actually become and they wouldn’t want that, now, would they? 

Apparently, the new Republican supporters have decided that there is no place for the justice system (or justice for that matter) in America any longer.  They seem to want America to be rule by strength, the biggest bullies win.  Right by might is hardly the shining beacon of justice for all. 

I’ve said a few times that this is the goal of the Republican leaders.  This is my opinion, of course.  I have no secret documents to prove my case, no meeting recordings, but my opinion is based on the actions of the Republican leaders.  In previous posts, I’ve referred to myself as an estranged Republican.  I’m actually middle of the road conservative, but these days that makes me a flaming liberal.  The current Republican leadership do not, in any way, reflect my ethics, and with their tight trip on the party means I cannot support the Republican army. 

Trump’s actions are obvious.  He complains about the investigation as they continue to find incriminating evidence, procuring prosecutions and uncover ever increasing criminal activity by Trump’s administration, and likely by Trump himself.  His complaints are a diversionary tactic, blame-throwing at the investigators to deflect blame where it belongs.  In his presidency, the chasm between left and right grew dangerously large, as he himself called for violent response against minorities, immigrants, liberals and more.  He continues to do so today as he refuses to give up on his “stolen election” rhetoric despite the fact that most everybody, save perhaps your average Fox “News” viewers, have long let that divisive fantasy go. 

Mitch McConnell gets his share of blame in this decline of American civility as well.  His hypocrisy was on full display when he refused to consider the Supreme Court nomination by a black president because six months was “too close” to the upcoming election while rushing through his white friend’s nomination weeks before the next election.  He has made clear his intention to load the justice system with conservatives who agreed with his views of America, including suppressing black votes and restricting women’s rights by politicizing the judicial branch of the government, the one branch that was designed to be fair an impartial by the founding fathers. 

Does this seem harsh?  Good.  It’s nowhere near as harsh as the threats by gun wielding un-American idiots against a butterfly conservatory.  I’m stating my opinion as is my Constitutionally guaranteed right, while they are threatening violence which is illegal in this nation.  When voting, I wish more people would think about what the Republican party has done to this nation since McConnell and Trump, and if they actually agree with the actions of the Republicans.  With the grip the Republican leaders have on the candidates, their word hardly means anything anymore.  They can state their opinion, and what they stand for, but once elected they’ll back the party.  This is why today I’m no longer affiliated with either party.


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