Ugly Night 3/13/22

Thoughts by Richard Bleil

As I write this (about a week before it’s anticipated to post) it’s snowing.  As I look outside, the snow is probably at least a few inches deep.  It’s the third time it snowed this season, and it’s looking like only the second time it’s deep enough to actually use my new snow thrower.  My friend tells me a snow thrower is not as good as a snow blower, so I did a bit of research. 

The difference between a snow thrower and a snow blower is the number of “stages”.  A snow thrower is a “single stage”.  It has the grinder in the front that throws the snow up into the machine and out the shoot.  A snow blower is exactly the same, but usually “two stage”.  It has the same grinder in the front, but a secondary fan in the chute that throws the snow out more forcefully.  The grinder and front of a snow blower is usually wider than a single-stage snow thrower, and the snow usually is thrown further than a snow thrower because of the additional fan.  There is also a “three stage” snow blower that is even larger and throws the snow even further with two fans shooting snow out of the chute.  The big difference is power.  My snow thrower is actually electrical, and so doesn’t have the power of a snow blower.  Two stage snow blowers, and especially three stage, often operate on fossil fuels like diesel.  The larger snow blowers are more powerful, but harder to maneuver and store.  So now you know.

As I think about this snow, it’s just ugly to me.  I wanted to go to my gun club tomorrow, but the roads will probably be ugly and dangerous, so I’ll be stuck inside.  I’m hoping it clears up by Friday as I’m planning on heading to another “fetish ball” which will take about five hours to get to.  I really hope the weather clears up.  The last time I didn’t get to spend much time because I took the hotel bus since I did not know how reliable the ride-share services are in that city. 

But I also have a new camera.  Tomorrow the yard around my house will be gorgeous.  If I don’t have to worry about getting my camera wet (meaning if it’s not snowing or raining) I’ll get to try the snow setting on the camera.  Plus, I have a macro-lens that is supposed to make close-up photography possible.  I would love to get some ice crystal formations on film.  They are so beautiful, and photographs of them, with the light glinting off of them just so are stunning.

That’s sort of how things go.  There is beauty in some of the ugliest things in the world, and vice versa.  Sometimes the prettiest faces hide the ugliest souls.  It’s almost comical how easily men can be manipulated by a pretty face.  I’ve never been bothered by this, and yes, I’m among those men.  The way I figure it, if men can be manipulated by sex, then they deserve to lose their money. 

So tomorrow, I guess I’ll be very cold as I hope my snow blower has the power to handle snow near the freezing point, but it’s only the second time I will have had the chance to use it, and yes, it’s fun.  Until this year, I’ve always shoveled by hand, and snow gets very heavy very quickly.  I’m sure I’ll be wet and cold when I’m finished, and my back won’t be as sore as it used to be when I shoveled by hand, but I’m sure my muscles will be sore as well.  But it’ll be fun to use the blower at least one more time before the spring.

Spring can be very ugly.  It’s wet, rainy, sometimes still cold, but things start coming alive once again.  My friend pointed out that my annual flowers will be making an appearance again.  I didn’t expect them last year as it was my first in this house.  What a beautiful surprise this was.

This year, I hope to put in a garden.  I have a good chuck of my lawn that I think would be great for growing vegetables, but before I can utilize it, I’ll have to take up the sod.  Of course, this will leave behind dirt, which I guess my neighbors could complain about, but once the plants start growing, it’ll be gorgeous.  Have you ever looked at a red pepper plant?  It’s stunning.  With deep green leaves, and stunning red peppers.  It’s probably one of the most beautiful plants I’ve seen, growing out of mud and dirt.  Beautiful from ugly.

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