Submissive 3/17/22

Events with Richard Bleil

Another day, another Fetish Ball.  They’re coming a little too fast and furious for me so I think I’ll have to slow down.  It’s a drive for me, and requires a hotel stay, so maybe I’ll limit myself to one or two a year, but it was a blast.

This one had the theme “Malice in Wonderland”.  In the small world category, I went to the last one because a friend of mine sent me the information.  I expected her to be there.  I did not expect my unofficially adopted daughter to be there, though.  She wasn’t at the ball per se, but she worked for the venue and worked in the coat-check room.  It was marvelous seeing her again, and I managed to sneak in a few minutes to catch up with her.

As I write this, my friend who introduced me to these fetish balls is getting married (the true collar and leash event), so I knew she wouldn’t be there.  I’m sure she would have been too nervous to have fun if she had shown up, but more than that, she didn’t want to risk catching a virus and being a spreader at her own wedding.  It was a very wise and compassionate decision, but of course I missed her.  But what I didn’t expect was who was there.

My unnatural daughter was there.  Knowing she would be, I brought her gifts.  She now has a taser and three pepper sprays with UV dye.  Let me take a moment to explain this.  It is truly shameful that women today need to carry defensive weapons, but anything they carry they must be willing to use to their full effect the instant they are drawn.  If you carry a gun, you must ask yourself if you are willing to take a life, instantly and without forethought.  Drawing to prove you have a gun hoping it will scare him, shooting warning shots, or shooting hard-to-hit areas to wound are all more likely to have the gun taken from you and used against you.  If you draw you shoot, and shoot to kill the instant it is possible, or don’t carry it.  What I gave her were less lethal defense devices, but the same rules apply.  If she pulls it, she must use it instantly.  The pepper spray has UV dye in it because if the police show up and he claims he was never sprayed, he’ll glow in a UV light as brightly as a hotel room after I’ve been in it for less than an hour.  I gave her multiple sprays because, if you carry it, you never want to have to figure it out in an emergency.  Always buy more than one, so you can take at least one outside and practice with it, figuring its distance, area of effect, and accuracy.  These are things you don’t want to learn when accosted.  And remember, it won’t stop the assailant, just shock him and slow him down.  Don’t wait around to see if he’s okay.  Use that instant to move and run.  He brought it on himself, leave him to suffer.

A former student of mine was there, as a vendor.  That was a fun surprise.  She sells for Pure Romance, a perfect product line for an event such as this.  Pure Romance is kind of a cool company.  They sell sex toys, but they are oriented towards women.  Most sex companies are geared towards men as they are more likely to buy, but women have needs and deserve to have a wonderful sex-life as well.  It was great catching up with her.

Then there was another.  We knew we knew each other.  We admitted it to one another but couldn’t figure out how.  At the beginning of the event, I just kept looking at her (and, yes, I’m a man…I was also looking at the other women there).  I figured it out just as the auction began.  Yes, they were auctioning tops and bottoms for the rest of the night(ish), and no, not for sex.  We were constantly reminded of limits and boundaries, and nothing inappropriate without approval from the other. 

I figured out how I knew her just before the auction began.  It was from another venue in the area that I attend regularly.  We’d been acquaintances from there, always friendly with each other but the friendship never really took off.  Honestly, we were both too busy there, so we never really had the time.  This was different.  I had the opportunity to buy her.

She was, honestly, dressed more like a “top”, but she put herself on the auction as a submissive (I am a top).  I really wanted her just so I could get to know her better.  So, the bidding began.  A man and woman were nickel and diming each other (twenty…twenty-five…thirty…thirty-two and so on).  I was going to bid, but as she stood nervously on the stage, I was waiting for the shock value.  The bid was up to (as I recall) sixty, going once, going twice…”one hundred”. 

He wasn’t ready to give up, and tried nickeling me as well, at first.  “One hundred five” I think was his next bid.  I wasn’t playing.  “Two hundred” I said making her gasp.  He knew I was serious.  “Two fifty”…”three”.  I can’t imagine what was going through her mind as two men, dressed like gangsters from the ‘20’s were trying to outbid each other in leaps of fifty.  It had gotten up to four fifty.  I was done.  I just held up six fingers.  He acquiesced, congratulated me, and we shook hands.  Sold for six hundred dollars. 

And what did I do with her for the rest of the night?  Nothing inappropriate.  It’s a game, and I am a gentleman.  She was kind and sexy enough to sit at my feet for a bit and gently caress my leg as I played a bit with her shoulder.  We talked about the tenderness of sex being the most powerful and part of it (or at least she agreed).  But I did have an idea.  I took her to my friend who was selling there.  As it turns out, my submissive told me she is married, and kind of hinted that they don’t have a lot of toys, at least not high quality.  I bought a few things for her, including a high-quality bondage kit and something I’ve always wanted if I had a partner, a sex swing that hangs on a door.  She walked out of the event with a few hundred dollars’ worth of toys for her and her husband.  It was like a game show.  YOU win a paddle, and YOU win a sex swing…

And what did I get out of it?  Well, first of all, I got to spend time with a charming young woman instead of alone as I assumed I would be.  Second, I supported the event organizers (who I love supporting for helping make this lifestyle more mainstream) as they took a small portion of the bid money, but most of it went to my submissive who is not a newlywed but has only been recently married so I’m guessing they could use the money.  Plus, she has new toys to try out with her husband (who fortunately is not the distrustful type), but honestly, I get to imagine her in them.  Yes, I am a man.  Did I forget to mention that before?


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