Supreme Court Decisions 6/25/22

Political Thoughts by Richard Bleil

There is a lot to unpack today.  The Supreme Court, as it turns out, does not release all of their decisions immediately.  Sometimes, they accumulate them to release them all at the same time, no doubt so they can bugger out before it hits the fan.  And it hit the fan hard.

First, yes, Roe v Wade was overturned.  This is not a surprise as a draft of the decision was leaked out a month or so ago.  The decision turns the decision over abortion rights to states, around half of which have laws ready, including trigger laws that have now gone into effect, outlawing or severely restricting abortion rights.  But there are further ramifications that simply stating that women’s rights end when they have a fetus. 

The reasoning behind Roe v Wade has fallen into question now as well, a large part of which was right to privacy.  We know this is in jeopardy when recently a hospital staff member (and to the best of my knowledge they never reported who the person was) reported a woman to the state for having had an abortion, violating this right to privacy.  That woman was subsequently arrested for murder which made national news.  Although the charge was dropped and turned over for civil suits, today murder charges are very possible, and the rights to privacy are obliterated.

When the draft decision was leaked, a state Republican (was it in Oklahoma?) raised the question of if birth control is a form of “preemptive” abortion.  While this might sound like the ramblings of one crazy state legislator, in his opinion of the majority decision, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas called for the right to use contraception, sodomy, and same-sex marriage be re-visited.  Now the idea of the government going so far as to decide over even these issues is on the table. 

In a separate ruling, the Supreme Court decided that Americans have the right to carry firearms in public for self-defense.  Their decision invalidates the attempts of several states to protect their citizens by passing laws.  For those thinking the Abortion decision is about protecting children, consider this firearm decision in light of the fact that according to the New England Journal of Medicine, the leading cause of death for children and adolescents has just become firearm related in this past year according to the CDC.  I guess the right-to-life ends at birth. 

Congratulations to the Republican Party for their big wins in these decisions, whether or not they actually wanted them.  Not all candidates that run on the platform wanted these laws overturned, and yet, they did support the concept when trying to get the votes to get into office.  These efforts are what led to this victory for them, and I hope it bites them in the ass.  Congratulations to Mitch McConnell who knew how to avoid doing his duty according to the Constitution to deny President Obama his choice in the Supreme Court nomination, an individual who was middle-of-the-road and who likely would have been the voice of reason in the court, although it may not have even been enough to stop these decisions.  Special congratulations to all of the Supreme Court judges who got onto the bench by lying to Congress and, by extension, the citizens of the United States by claiming that they saw Roe v Wade as the established law of the land and had no intention of overturning it.  It must feel especially good knowing that you gained the power to force people to bend to your religious doctrine by deception.

And congratulations to all of the voters who align themselves with the Republican party instead of listening to candidates and voting for those who most align with your heart.  Increased mortality in women because of illegal back-ally abortions and non-viable pregnancies, as well as increased deaths in children as gun ownership will likely boom especially in large cities that had laws to keep them in check, are all possible because of your alignment with the Republicans.  In my opinion, we need to abolish parties altogether, as the Democratic party isn’t really any better as evidenced by the Jim Crow laws espoused by them in the past. 

And congratulations to white heterosexual men like me.  Our rights are soaring thanks to the “legitimate” Supreme Court.  Now I can rape a woman and maybe get a few months in jail (although we’ve seen so many cases where even this didn’t happen because “she was asking for it” because she was, after all, a female) and walk away with a child as a result, and that child can grow up to shoot other children especially if it’s a male since most mass shootings are carried out by men.  Yup, it’s a whole new country. 


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