VOTE 11/7/22

Political Thoughts with Richard Bleil

Tomorrow is election day.  Personally, I believe election day should be a national holiday.  In fact, it is one of only two days (the other being Thanksgiving) that I will not be holding my online chemistry class, although, honestly, I only have one person who shows up in person.  There is a lot at stake this year, so regardless of how you want to vote, and whether or not you agree with my perspective, plan to vote. 

Both parties have problems to the point, in fact, where I’m not thrilled about voting for either.  This is why I’m registered as independent, but there is a lot on the line.  For example, one of the biggest issues this year was women’s rights which was delivered a significant blow by the Supreme Court.  One party is discussing codifying women’s rights if they hold enough seats to do so, while the other has voices already discussing making birth control illegal.  Yes, I’ll be voting for women’s rights this year.

One party supports continuing resisting Russian aggression by continuing support for the Ukraine to defend themselves, while the other has promised to support Russia by blocking further support to resist it.  Yes, I realize some of them have pulled back simply saying they want oversight for the support that is being sent, and yet others in the same party have doubled down to the point of saying no more aid at all.  The problem is that, until they are in power, you cannot know what is in their hearts.  The conservative majority was gained in the Supreme Court by candidates who swore that they respected the rights afforded Roe v Wade, insisting that it is the established law of the land, only to turn around and destroy it within two years.  So, when some senators of a party says support will be pulled while others are calling for simple oversight, it cannot be determined what will happen until they’re already in power, and then, of course, it’s too late. 

Voter suppression is in the crosshairs this year.  In the past, it was the Democratic party that worked towards voter suppression, but today, with gerrymandering, document requirements that disenfranchise minorities and the poor, and voter location closures that seem to target minority neighborhoods, it seems clear which party is trying to limit voters.  If you believe, as I do, one citizen means one vote, get to the polls, at least the ones that are still open.  There are even states trying to block counting votes if they are not delivered on time.  Not if they’re mailed on time, but if they’re delivered by the deadline.  This disenfranchises our men and women working with the military and fighting for freedom oversees.  How sad it is that they want to stop the votes of those fighting for the right to vote.

Speaking of American rights, support of the American Constitution is on the line this year.  Yes, I mean that literally.  Sadly, the Democrats have elected to make a campaign show of the investigation of the former president during prime-time television, a move that I feel seriously eroded the seriousness of his actions.  The evidence of actions of this president strongly suggests wrong doing, including inciting a resurrection to overthrow the US Constitution.  No, at this point he has not been convicted, especially since the investigation has been used for political gain, but the evidence is real.  The Republicans are now threatening investigations based on political games rather than any evidence of criminal activities. 

Since the advent of the Tea party, extremists have taken control, and remain so, of the Republican party.  One can argue that not all Republicans are like that, and yet votes are always down party lines.  With evidence of criminal activities by the sitting president, the Republican party not only voted against impeachment, with very few jumping ship, they actually promised that he would be found not guilty, and that the investigation would never happen before it even reached the floor.  These extremists are now the party leaders, with tremendous power and sway over all congress representatives in the Republican party.  As long as the party remains in power, they will never learn that we, Americans, deserve better.  Every election they take is interpreted as support for their continued pettiness and insanity.  It’s time to take power away from them, remind them that We The People will not stand for criminals and traitors representing us, and force them to move away from their extremist position.  It’s time to shape our nation in the image that we want.


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