Drag Shows 2/17/23

Politics with Richard Bleil

Dystopian novels and cinema often portray a future with Big Brother watching our every move, dictating how we dress, and our behaviors with throngs of workers drudging along in plain gray uniform jumpers.  It seems as if the Republican Party, even as they try to portray themselves as small government, want to move us one step closer to this drab and dreary future.

As I write this post, President Biden finished his State of the Union address to hecklers among the Republican Ranks.  Democrats are also guilty of theatrics in the State of the Union address as exemplified by Nancy Pelosi tearing up a copy of President Trump’s State of the Union address in the chamber, and yet, although she shook her head and rolled her eyes, at least she had the decorum to allow him to finish his speech without interrupting. 

I guess those days are gone.

I want a government that is responsive to the people instead of to their parties.  I want a government that knows how to be civil, debate, and find the middle ground.  I want a government that promotes progress instead of repression. 

I guess those days are gone, too.

At least eight states have introduced legislation to oppress the right for people to dress themselves.  Yes, I’m talking about multiple proposed legislation to restrict or eliminate drag shows.  I understand where the fear comes from, as places such as libraries have been hosting drag queens in reading stories to children, and conservatives are afraid that churches and their own teachings of good morals at home won’t be enough for their children to become good heterosexuals.  Rather than talking with their children about respecting people in their individuality they would rather eliminate the need to teach their children about Christ’s acceptance of everybody. 

Drag queens are not the dangerous pervert pedophiles that conservatives try to portray them as.  I’ll be the first to admit that I do not understand the desire to dress in drag, but they don’t frighten me either.  It’s just people being people and enjoying themselves.  It’s breaking tradition and having fun.  Yes, I’m sure there are those drag queens with psychological issues, but I sincerely doubt that it’s a higher percentage than among so-called “normal” people. 

These “shows” are typically well advertised in advance, and isolated to clubs that cater to the cross-dressing crowd.  Men dressing in such a manner dates back to the Renaissance, and if a man goes to a a Renaissance Fair, then they will no doubt be dressed as such just for the event.  If I were true to my Renaissance character, I should wear a powdered wig and makeup when I attend such fairs, but I choose not to be so garish. 

Notice that I just wrote “choose”, and that’s what it is.  I love characters, usually in the “High Court”, who do dress in such a manner because it’s true to the time period.  It’s an act, as I’m sure most drag queens view their female (or male, if it’s a female cross-dresser which is far less common but does exist) counterparts. 

Instead of manufacturing crises where they do not exist such as pedophilia among cross dressers or bathroom assaults by gender identifying youth, why not work on some real issues?  Why not worry about police reform as just today another story has come to light about an officer kneeling on the neck of a twelve-year-old girl?  Why not address violence against ethnic groups as has been increasing among Asian-Americans?  Why not address the desperate living conditions of our economically depressed ghettos which gives rise to the need for violence?

I guess these types of issues are too much for a dysfunctional government that would rather interrupt the presidential State of the Union address than to work together in a civil manner.  It’s easier to focus on what’s “not Christian” in this nation built on separation of church and state than to actually take on the real problems or listen to the desires of the citizens. 

Today, the problem is with the Republicans and conservatives in the nation, but it’s more than that.  The Democrats have been guilty of it in the past as well.  It’s ingrained into our political landscape.  The political party that benefits from social and racial oppression at the time is the one that pushes for it.  Right now, the Democrats are looking like the shining heroes of civil rights, but it will change.  It’s time to take back the nation and put it into the hands of the citizens.  I’m frankly very tired of reading about how a majority of Americans favor one direction while a handful of loud and obnoxious figures push us inexorably in the opposite. 


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