Try Again Tomorrow 2/13/23

The reality is that regardless of the day we’ve had, no matter what we have accomplished, whatever didn’t work out the way we wanted it to, no matter what we wanted to accomplish but didn’t, we have an opportunity to improve in the new day. We can always do better, improve ourselves, or, in short, try again.


Digging Out 1/27/22

The chaos builds slowly enough that it’s easy to think, “oh, I’ll pick it up tomorrow”.  Eventually you hit an inflection point where it goes from that to, “ugh, this’ll take hours”.  And it did.  Days in fact.  But once there’s a crack in the depression veil, it helps to take advantage of it and hit it like a storm.  I still have more to do, but I’m feeling better already now that there is at least an end in sight. 

On Therapy 1/25/23

A friend of mine had been repeatedly raped, in reality, by her father as a child.  When she tried therapy, it brought repressed memories to the surface and made her worse.  I’m told the ratio is roughly one to one to one.  For everybody, like me, that therapy helps, there is somebody who gets worse, and there is another who gets little or nothing out of it.  But it’s definitely worth giving therapy a try.  If you have the courage and strength.