Divorce 1/19/21

Full disclosure: I am not a trained therapist, marriage counselor, grief counselor or anything of the sort, but I can speak from the experience of my own divorce, and I have a pretty good ear so I can also throw in a few lessons I’ve learned from other friends as well.

Feline Zen 1/7/21

As our democracy falls to traitors invading the capital, an action that no doubt would have been met with violence and a military response if the insurrectionists were minorities, perhaps I should write on today’s events. But I’m so worked up that perhaps that is not a great idea. Instead, I think I want to talk about a few lessons on Zen that I have picked up from observing Star, my newest family member and overweight feline extraordinaire.

Post Holiday Depression 12/26/20

My hypothesis is that, since Christmas starts pretty much around October before Halloween, that means that people celebrate Christmas for three months, the length of a season, or fully one quarter of the year, and in some cases longer. Christmas decorations, advertisements and gifts are out for three months. Suddenly, one day, one glorious celebration and it’s all over.