New Year Traditions 1/7/23

Another great German Tradition to bring good luck from the same people who lost two World Wars in a row.  For some reason, German’s love very strong bitter flavored foods like pickled herring, Sauerkraut, and German Potato Salad. That these are being pushed as good luck by the food industry is demonstrated by the fact that truly delicious German foods like potato pancakes, strudel (real strudel, not the frozen pastry garbage) and black forest chocolate cake are not considered to be good luck.


Y2K 1/6/23

For those who don’t remember due to memory loss caused by the radioactive fallout and starvation, programmers using the ancient language called “Cobol”, responsible for writing the code creating the infrastructure of the computer networks of today took a shortcut.  Instead of writing any dates using the four digit code, such as “1920”, they only used two, or “20”.