Blind spot 1/10/21

the brain simply “fills in” the missing information. In other words, our brain actually hides our blind spot from us

Post Holiday Depression 12/26/20

My hypothesis is that, since Christmas starts pretty much around October before Halloween, that means that people celebrate Christmas for three months, the length of a season, or fully one quarter of the year, and in some cases longer. Christmas decorations, advertisements and gifts are out for three months. Suddenly, one day, one glorious celebration and it’s all over.

Ear Check 8/20/20

if our hearing is impaired, the portion of our brain responsible for processing the signals begins to decay, which has been linked to cognitive disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, at least according to him. He said my “free test” will include a test of that decay, but he also said that such damage was irreparable. But, if it’s irreparable, why test for it?