Nichelle 12/29/20

She met Martin Luther King, Jr. He was killed on April 4, 1968, so Nichelle must have been no older than 36 when she met him. She was considering leaving Star Trek, and expressed this to MLK, who, in turn, urged her to stay.

Space Farce 12/21/20

Trump, from very early in his administration, has shown disdain for international treaties, having walked away from the Iran treaty on nuclear development, the SALT II treaty on development of nuclear weapons and most recently the open skies treaty to permit oversight of military buildup and troop movement. The argument for the “Space Force” is that it is for peaceful purposes only, and therefore the claim is that it is not a violation of the Outer Space Treaty. Unfortunately, other nations may not see it that way.

Expensive to be Poor 12/1/20

People often criticize the “working class poor” when they tend to be overweight. The reality is that fattening foods, high in carbohydrates, are simply less expensive. I’ve tried to eat healthy, but despite what my “non-GMO” friends claim, it truly is expensive to eat healthy. Sure, broccoli isn’t very expensive, but neither is it filling. It’s just plain expensive to be poor.

Pyramid Economy 11/15/20

While the government touts a “strong economy” based on the wealthy becoming wealthier, it seems to be that the economy is unable to even support traditional workers. Companies are becoming better at finding ways to take money from the working class, and increasing their profit as they do, and in return making for a stronger stock market, but eventually, this points to economic disaster.