Trump 8/14/21

Donald Trump is a traitor in my opinion. Yes, I mean that literally, and yes, I fear for what he is trying to do.

Credit Card Fraud 7/22/21

The college had a very simple solution.  They towed.  There was plenty of warning with signs, and in orientation programs, and their cars were towed at their own expense.  This might sound harsh, but the reality is that we only had to tow cars maybe two or three times every year.  Once a car was towed, the students would spread the word, complain to their fellow students about their car being towed and the cost of its return.  Once the word spread, nobody would park in the faculty parking lot for the rest of the year.

Freedom 7/3/21

Tomorrow is our Independence Day, and I’m tired of the assault on my Constitution, on the Democracy of my Nation, on my Flag. You cannot claim to be pro-Police and murder them in our Capitol. You cannot claim to be pro-Democracy and try to overthrow legally elected officials. You cannot claim to be American and call for Her overthrow.