Carbon Capture Revisited 9/21/21

The energy industry is feeding us lies to subsidize their already overly profitable industry, and since the average IQ of politicians is almost as high as my waist size (hence our waist sized problems), I think it’s just too late. 

Crystal Power 8/30/21

imagine little balls (the atoms, ions or molecules in the crystal lattice) vibrating on that spring, stretching it beyond its “rest” position, and being snapped back to shorter than its rest position until it is again pushed back. Light makes those vibrations occur faster. Eventually, those vibrations will slow down again, but because of the law of conservation of energy, something has to happen when they do slow. That energy is again released,

GFI 8/27/21

Even though there is no anode or cathode, the circuit must still be complete, both beginning and ending at the power source.  If the circuit is not complete, the electricity cannot flow.  But, even though the electrons don’t really go anywhere (just back and forth) in an alternating current, sometimes there can be an unfortunate buildup

Empathetic Citizens 8/15/21

The article found a rather striking difference between societies that seems to be linked to empathy. In the tribe, the children were allowed to help. I say “allowed” because we’re not talking chores. Yes, every child pitched in, but the reality is that children want to help. This tribe simply encouraged and allowed them to do so. The more they helped, the more they felt pride and of use, and the more they wanted to do.