Parking Entropy 6/20/20

people believe that the law says that as a law, entropy cannot decrease, but clearly this isn’t true. The entropy of a system, such as the parking lot, can decrease by doing work on the system as it is being done here. In this process, the entropy of the surroundings must increase more than the entropy of the system is decreased to make up for the decrease of entropy of the system

Kissing Bats 5/31/20

“French kissing” is kissing with tongue play, caressing tongues, inserting them into each other’s mouth, just all kinds of things that when described in a blog like this one sounds completely repulsive and inappropriate during a pandemic. Still, though, French Kissing is just, oh gawd, it’s just amazing. I think. At least if memory serves. I mean, it has been a very long time

Politicizing Science 5/4/20

when I read misinformation on my social media page I feel morally obligated to correct it. I find it difficult to feel sorry for people who insist on putting politics above science, but neither do I wish harm to anybody. I keep hoping that people will learn, but they have put so much importance on being “right” that they just refuse to consider the possibility that they might be wrong.