Cancer 8/8/21

Cancer victims are far more likely to survive today than just thirty years ago, and new treatments are showing great promise.  That is little consolation to those facing cancer today, especially for those unfortunate terminal patients like my friend or those we have already lost. 

Pork 8/1/21

It might seem like an odd concept to dry something out by adding a water solution like brine, but brine is an extremely high salt concentration. Because this concentration is so much higher than the cells in the pork (or pickles) that it literally draws water out of the cells causing them to dehydrate. No, they won’t dry completely; we’re not talking about making jerky, but they will dry to the point where the cells are no longer able to live. This doesn’t happen just to the cells of the food, though, but also to the cells of any bacteria in the food that can cause food poisoning. When you cook food, you heat it up to kill the bacteria by causing the proteins to denature and disrupt the chemical processes of metabolism. In salt curing, you deprive it of the water it needs to live.

Lobster 7/29/21

So these CHEMISTRY GRADUATE STUDENTS had ice cream in a cooler with ice.  Just ice.  And I said to them, “this won’t keep the ice cream frozen; we need to add salt.”  These graduate students listened to me as well as people have listened to me my entire life, meaning, they didn’t.  “It’ll be fine,” these CHEMISTRY GRADUATE STUDENTS said.