Talking About Sex 6/29/22

I think it’s a reflection of how people want to have the opportunity to talk on, consider and share opinions on topics such as this.  My friends know my situation (childless), my natural curiosity, and the fact that I just don’t judge.  This gives a kind of safe space, even if it is very public, to have discussions such as this.

3D 6/27/22

I have a Fender guitar, a Yamaha electric piano, historical piano and MIDI, my gun collection is up to, oh, maybe fifteen by now, I have two high-end cameras and several lenses from fixed to telescoping, and five computers (all of which do have their function in my life).  And, yes, now I have a 3D printer.

Father’s Juneteenth 6/20/22

the struggle didn’t end in 1865.  In another five years, the fifteenth amendment gave African American men the right to vote on February 3, 1870.  Then came the Jim Crow laws, designed to suppress minorities in individual states.  In 1896, the Fourteenth Amendment was passed guaranteeing equal protection regardless of race as the law of the land in an effort to end the individual Jim Crow Laws.  This wasn’t the end either.