Entering Campus 1/13/21

As I drove my “new” (well…used, actually) hybrid onto campus from the opposite direction from where I used to, it occurred to me how different driving onto campus is. This college has seen many changes in me, and it’s a reminder of just how much has passed in the short time since I’ve been here.

The Art of Arguing 1/9/21

People seem honestly afraid to hear any discourse that disagree with their point of view, and I'm not just talking about conservatives.  Every time a conservative is invited to speak on a college campus and is shouted down or protested out, it's an action of refusing to even hear an alternative opinion.  This is especially prevalent today on social media as everyone seems to have entered into one of two camps

Feline Zen 1/7/21

As our democracy falls to traitors invading the capital, an action that no doubt would have been met with violence and a military response if the insurrectionists were minorities, perhaps I should write on today’s events. But I’m so worked up that perhaps that is not a great idea. Instead, I think I want to talk about a few lessons on Zen that I have picked up from observing Star, my newest family member and overweight feline extraordinaire.