Controlling Bad Behavior 7/31/22

But now I guess I’ll have to block that lane completely.  Currently, I’m even considering what to tell line jumpers that don’t realize that the left lane will be blocked, and who end up stuck there with no place to go, who will have to maneuver uncomfortably to turn around, or simply wait until the end of the line.  And me?  I’ll be polite, but I’ll definitely be laughing on the inside and bragging about it to my friends. 

Ownership 7/26/22

My bosses, Jeff and Jen, built the drive-in.  They run it, they are in charge, they profit from it, and it is theirs in every sense of the word.  But I have taken ownership as well.  I’m proud to be working there, I’m proud to keep it clean at the end of my shift, I’m proud to do what I can to help things move smoothly to the best of my ability. 

Acetates 7/25/22

He told me that they were upset because it was so expensive to copy them all because there were so many due to the large writing and slides (that were actually few and far between) that were meant to be humorous.  He asked me to do something about that.  I explained that if they looked at the slides, they could skip the humorous ones, and I have to write large so everybody can see them from the back of the room.  He retorted that he didn’t care, he just didn’t want to hear any more complaints