Alone 11/26/21

Not long ago, taking a shower, my towel fell off of the half-wall where I usually put it so I can access it when I’m done.  It had fallen behind the wall, and as I was reaching to retrieve it, my “no-slip” mat slipped, sending me down.  The fall was not injurious, but it was bad and could have easily resulted in far more harm than it did.  I laid there for maybe ten minutes before recovering sufficiently to slowly try to get up again.

Quantum Tunneling 11/23/21

Schrödinger’s equation followed known equations from wave mechanics and well-established mathematical terms for kinetic and potential energy which is why it is so powerful.  The reason some physicists today can’t accept it is because the predictions that come out of it seem to us logically impossible, but, the truly amazing thing is that every one of these seemingly impossible predictions that can be studied have been from physicists far more clever than I, has been demonstrated experimentally. 

Graphing 11/22/21

But that’s not what this advertisement did either.  No, this advertisement actually did something that is very common in statistics, namely, reset the baseline.  See, the graph’s base was not set to zero.  The baseline was quite high (I don’t have an exact number).  The graph was set to the low point in the fluctuations rather than zero.  This has the effect of making those relatively small fluctuations seem enormous.