Inauguration 1/20/21

And with all of this, Biden and Harris will take the reins today (assuming this posts as anticipated). They’ll get the blame from the Republican party for the looming Covid-19 surge, and taxes will be increasing this year because the “cuts” from Trump’s tax plans will, by law, expire for the vast majority of us for which Biden and Harris will also be blamed.


For Yourself 12/3/19

You see it all of the time. Somebody doesn't like something about their meal, so they take it out on the server, not considering that she or he isn't the one who prepared it, or how busy the restaurant is. Somebody doesn't like the return policy, so they take it out on the person helping with the exchange, not considering that it's not their policy. Somebody doesn't like waiting as a pedestrian crosses the street, leaning on the horn but never wondering why that person has to be walking.