New Year Traditions 1/7/23

Another great German Tradition to bring good luck from the same people who lost two World Wars in a row.  For some reason, German’s love very strong bitter flavored foods like pickled herring, Sauerkraut, and German Potato Salad. That these are being pushed as good luck by the food industry is demonstrated by the fact that truly delicious German foods like potato pancakes, strudel (real strudel, not the frozen pastry garbage) and black forest chocolate cake are not considered to be good luck.


Food Conundrum 7/18/21

Such an odd period of time for me. Although I enjoy cooking (which is why I’m now a Pampered Chef Consultant; search for me on Facebook with Bleil Style Pampered Chef Consulting), historically my cooking has not always been consistent. I guess I started off fine many years ago when I was living in Cincinnati, but it’s easy to fall into bad and very simple (albeit expensive) habits. For too long it’s been too much pizza, and too much fast food. I had a mantra at one, based on Monty Python. Waiting at the drive through, I would chant (in an appropriate accent), “four is the counting of the Enchiritos, and the counting of the Enchiritos shall be four. Five shall I not eat, nor eat me three excepting that I then proceed to four. Six is right out!”

Pho 9/24/20

This Vietnamese restaurant, which, by the way, was very good and very inexpensive, was literally half the distance from the Mexican restaurant, both of which are walking distance from the car wash. You literally have to walk past it to get to the Mexican restaurant. But while Mexican food is very well-known to the American palate, far fewer have ever tried Vietnamese food.