Repetitive and Redundant 1/11/20

No, I’m not surprised that I wrote two blogs on this particular topic (actually, I’m surprised it’s only twice), but rather that two posts had the same focus. In fact, I rather expected that to be the case, which is why each title includes a date. See, the reality is that after four hundred posts, even I don’t remember them all.


Ten Thousand 12/30/19

I’ve tried to write pieces of pure strangeness that I hope has made you laugh, and I’ve tried to frighten you out of your mind with some of my short stories. I’ve included scientific entries that I hoped would expand your mind, and political pieces that I hope made my readers think more critically. I’ve written pieces on depression that I hope made my fellow depressed colleagues feel less isolated and alone, and I’ve written encouragement pieces that I hope made everybody feel a little bit better about whatever situation they might be in.