Finger Bang 4/27/23

Times change.  A friend of mine has a son who ended up in a lot of trouble for making the shape of a gun with his fingers and pointing his finger gun at another student.  In this day and age, that gesture can be taken as a threat.  Her son, for example, was sent home and, I believe, suspended.  When I was his age, that very same gesture was often used as a greeting, usually older to younger.  I distinctly remember my uncle making that gesture at me while making a “click click” sound with his mouth.


And Again 3/20/22

It is my firm belief that it is the responsibility of all adults to know gun safety.  In this day and age, there are just too many guns around and the chances of finding one is too high.  If you happened on one of my handguns, would you know about the safeties?  Would you trust them?  Would you know how to unload them?  Would you know that removing the clip isn’t enough?