New York Mugger 8/22/21

Nobody was hurt, except one of the good Samaritan’s who chased for about half a block before running out of breath and giving up.  I keep thinking about this poor slob, and how difficult a job it must be to be a mugger.  What if he had actually escaped and gotten home that night to his wife?


Absurdities 1/22/19

Announcer number one, "Welcome back from the commercial break. There is certainly no end to the action here, as she has just gotten another cup of coffee." Announcer two, "I believe this is her third cup of coffee for the day?" Announcer 1, "That's right. She will likely need a pit stop soon, but for the moment she is staring at the chalkboard." Announcer 2, "A bit of trivia, only about three percent of the matheletes still use chalkboards. For a time, whiteboards were quite popular, but today a whopping seventy-three percent of mathematicians prefer writing on their tablets." Announcer 1, "Wait...wait...I think she...yes, she has picked up the chalk and walked to the could be a goal...the chalk is at the, she's put the chalk back down." Announcer 2, "That was breathtaking..."