When Truth Doesn’t Matter 1/14/22

Parties are fallible.  This is why today I do not align myself with either.  During the rise of the Jim Crow laws, it was the Democratic party supporting suppression.  Today it’s the Republicans.  So how could I align concretely with either?  I am an independent thinker, which is more challenging than to align with a party.

Freedom 7/3/21

Tomorrow is our Independence Day, and I’m tired of the assault on my Constitution, on the Democracy of my Nation, on my Flag. You cannot claim to be pro-Police and murder them in our Capitol. You cannot claim to be pro-Democracy and try to overthrow legally elected officials. You cannot claim to be American and call for Her overthrow.

Inauguration 1/20/21

And with all of this, Biden and Harris will take the reins today (assuming this posts as anticipated). They’ll get the blame from the Republican party for the looming Covid-19 surge, and taxes will be increasing this year because the “cuts” from Trump’s tax plans will, by law, expire for the vast majority of us for which Biden and Harris will also be blamed.