Another Failure 6/21/22

Tonight, I won’t be in bed alone.  It’ll be overcrowded with demons from my failure as a dean, from my failure as the director of a forensic lab, and even as a failure as an adjunct professor. 

Holidays 11/30/21

If I had a family, it would be a very different affair altogether.  (It would be a very different affair.  Sorry, paraphrasing a movie joke there.)  For example, I think I would leave the tree down until after Thanksgiving dinner.  I could see that as a fun family activity (replacing the early Black Friday nonsense).  After a bit of time to let the dinner settle, put up the tree and begin decorating it as a family as a tradition and way for the family to interact. 

Alone 11/26/21

Not long ago, taking a shower, my towel fell off of the half-wall where I usually put it so I can access it when I’m done.  It had fallen behind the wall, and as I was reaching to retrieve it, my “no-slip” mat slipped, sending me down.  The fall was not injurious, but it was bad and could have easily resulted in far more harm than it did.  I laid there for maybe ten minutes before recovering sufficiently to slowly try to get up again.