Angry Rock 12/5/22

I listen to such a wide array of styles of music like classical, jazz, blues, bluegrass and more.  But usually, I listen to some form of rock. 

Harley 11/29/21

rap became the predominant style of music replacing Disco of the ‘70’s.  Many people (including myself) were put off by this violent and disturbing music form, but many of these people, like me, were white.  Rap was never written for us, but rather was an expression of frustration, of oppression, and of anger building within the minority segment of our nation. 

John Lennon 12/9/20

it is far easier to destroy than to create. The second law of thermodynamics tells us this. When terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers, or the art in Syria, that’s not impressive. Time will do that if they’re just patient enough, but the effort it took to build them is true talent. It was easy to end John Lennon’s life, but the music he created took talent.