The F-16 10/17/20

To “defund the police” doesn’t mean to dismantle the police (yes, I’m aware there have been a few people who have called for that as well, but they’re a very small group). What it means is funding social programs and taking those things off of the plates of the police department which, in turn, means the police won’t need that in their budgets any longer.

Knee Jerk 6/9/20

The problem with both of these (and a couple of other ideas that I’ve read) is that they are knee-jerk reactions to a very serious flaw in our system that has been festering since, well, frankly since the Constitution was written. Passing legislation so quickly means that much will be overlooked. These are “feel good” resolutions, but either go too far or are simply surface level modifications failing to seek out and address the root problems.