Knee Jerk 6/9/20

The problem with both of these (and a couple of other ideas that I’ve read) is that they are knee-jerk reactions to a very serious flaw in our system that has been festering since, well, frankly since the Constitution was written. Passing legislation so quickly means that much will be overlooked. These are “feel good” resolutions, but either go too far or are simply surface level modifications failing to seek out and address the root problems.


Continued Rioting 5/30/20

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that I favor these riots and the destruction they are bringing. The officer most responsible for the death of George Floyd has been arrested (the quickest arrest of an officer in Minnesota history as I understand it) and charged with murder. Investigations continue on the other three officers present, and charges against them have not been ruled out. I hope the justice system will treat these charges seriously and give fair trials and proper sentences as warranted, but if these officers were the only cause for the protests, then they would have ended by now. This is the result of deeper inequities that have never been addressed.

Lost Forever 2/9/19

When I think of this incredible story, I can't help but wonder how much talent, how many innovations, how many advances have been thrown away throughout history. How much more would we know, how much further would our technology have advanced, how much better off would we be if we didn't throw away people's talents, skills and intelligence because they were the wrong gender, or their skin was the wrong color, or because their God had the wrong name?