Self-Destructive Cycle 9/10/22

some people sadly have lived through so much tragedy and so many bad things that when things are going well, they become stressed because, clearly, something will go wrong eventually.  They live in fear of the good time ending, and sometimes will self-sabotage relationships so they can hurt their partner before their partner can hurt them. 


Trust 1/5/22

Maybe that’s the point to this post.  I guess it’s as good as any other point that I can glean from it.  In a healthy relationship, be it partner, friends or other, you should want to protect that other person from harm.  I have so many friends that I’m so very attracted to (chatting to one as I write this), but I would never want to do anything to harm their relationship to their spouse.  That is why they can trust me, and maybe, just maybe, it’s why they do.