My Crushes 6/9/19

Women are human beings, and wonderful people, not just objects of lust. Treat them as such and your life will be far richer for it.

Lost Forever 2/9/19

When I think of this incredible story, I can't help but wonder how much talent, how many innovations, how many advances have been thrown away throughout history. How much more would we know, how much further would our technology have advanced, how much better off would we be if we didn't throw away people's talents, skills and intelligence because they were the wrong gender, or their skin was the wrong color, or because their God had the wrong name?

Same Sex Marriage 1/10/19

He made his interest clear, even to the point that my date, a woman, suggested that I give him my number. As I am not myself homosexual, I was not interested, but I was never offended. In fact, I found it to be a compliment that he found me attractive. I handled it quite simply: I told him I was not interested, and he, frankly, respected that. Pretty simple, and all it took was mutual respect.