Art Linkletter 12/1/21

I had two of his books, and they were among my favorite with hilarious comments from children.  Every time I read them, I couldn’t help but think of the tragic pathway he took that led him to such a project.  And I think of the similarities in the stories of the history of the ancient Spanish Inquisition, and recent political history.

Impeachment Trial 2/15/21

some of my Republican friends will think this post goes too far, but I’ve asked the question before, does the current incarnation of the Republican party truly represent your beliefs? When they throw around the word “Christian” and yet turn their backs on the needy, separate children from their parents and incite a resurrection, is this truly who you want to be? As they suppress the voice of voters, is that who you want to back? As they put partisan politics above accountability, can you really support that?

Space Farce 12/21/20

Trump, from very early in his administration, has shown disdain for international treaties, having walked away from the Iran treaty on nuclear development, the SALT II treaty on development of nuclear weapons and most recently the open skies treaty to permit oversight of military buildup and troop movement. The argument for the “Space Force” is that it is for peaceful purposes only, and therefore the claim is that it is not a violation of the Outer Space Treaty. Unfortunately, other nations may not see it that way.