A Pretty Good Day 3/25/23

At the table, I was still in a good mood, and told the waitress that the last time I ate at this decidedly Italian restaurant, they had the worst Chinese food I had ever tasted.  She, fortunately, laughed as well, responding that she hopes they have terrible Chinese food, but great Italian food.


Sparrows 3/22/23

I would (and still do) think about the physics behind this feat.  That bird has to have eyesight sufficient to make out the openings while flying at full speed, and the decisiveness to choose which hole it would fly through without hesitation as there was simply no time for it.  They would have to align their bodies just right to hit that opening, and the amazing reflexes to know the exact moment to pull in their wings. 

Nobel Laureates 3/20/23

Not long ago, I was speaking with a friend about the famous people I’ve met.  He had rubbed elbows with several actors through his classic car club, but my cache of famous run-ins were academicians for the most part.  People like Dudley, and even General Mikael Miltstein who was in charge of the defense of the entire Soviet Union.  My famous people don’t really have names.