National Mole Day 10/23/21

It’s actually six hundred and two million trillion.  To put this into some perspective, the national debt is currently about twenty-seven trillion dollars, or twenty-two million times smaller than a mole.

Stolen 10/16/21

he had been drinking and went to her house a little before midnight, and when he woke up, he couldn’t find the key or the vehicle.  On reading it back, the officer said, “so you went to her place and at some point, you passed out.”  This struck a nerve.  It was around midnight, isn’t it reasonable to assume that he fell asleep as opposed to passing out? 

Chernobyl 10/14/21

What we have is a very complex mix of chemical and nuclear processes occurring in Chernobyl that I couldn’t begin to piece together, but an atomic explosion requires highly pure fuel. As the elements are changing, and as debris no doubt continues to mix in the fuel core, and as the uranium and plutonium transmute to other elements, the core is becoming less concentrated, not more. It’s a chaotic system, not well understood, but any damage that will occur will be significant only in the local region