The Great Master 12/6/21

Hearing L saying how she looked to T as a model reminded me of the Iching, which I shared with L.  In the passage called “The Gentle”, the Iching discusses the lasting effects of a gentle force always applied in a consistent direction.  These changes are not as noticeable as those brought about by violence, such as the massive earthquakes that gives rise to mountains, and yet the gentle force is far more permanent, such as the winds that eventually erode them.  The passage ends by suggesting that it helps to follow the great master, as this helps to maintain focus on the direction of that force.  T is a terrific choice for such a master, a model of overcoming personal demons, a model of giving, and a model of accomplishment.  I hope L follows that example, as one day she, too, will be a great master. 

Holidays 11/30/21

If I had a family, it would be a very different affair altogether.  (It would be a very different affair.  Sorry, paraphrasing a movie joke there.)  For example, I think I would leave the tree down until after Thanksgiving dinner.  I could see that as a fun family activity (replacing the early Black Friday nonsense).  After a bit of time to let the dinner settle, put up the tree and begin decorating it as a family as a tradition and way for the family to interact. 

Harley 11/29/21

rap became the predominant style of music replacing Disco of the ‘70’s.  Many people (including myself) were put off by this violent and disturbing music form, but many of these people, like me, were white.  Rap was never written for us, but rather was an expression of frustration, of oppression, and of anger building within the minority segment of our nation.