Renaissance Man 5/7/21

I worked as a chef, marksman, handyman, musician, computer hardware tech (usually I write software, but not today), and author. Once I finish this post, I’m going to work as a mathematician and physicist to see how my drop in my aim compares to theory. I also have come up with a chemistry experiment for which I’ve ordered the necessary solvent

Explosive 5/1/21

The biggest difference between an explosion and the burning process is the shock wave. In the burning of fuel, it’s not just heat that is released (and a lot of it), but also gasses, primarily carbon dioxide and water vapor. When this happens in burning, the gases and heat are dispersed in a relatively slow process of diffusion (flow of gasses) and convection (flow of heat). But in an explosion, all of that heat, and all of those gasses, are suddenly created and exist in a volume far too small for stability.