Reboot 6/4/20

like the adjunct position, it is a “long-term” part-time temporary position. That means low pay (but probably more than I’m making teaching), and no benefits. Of course. And I’ve been in a position in the past where I’ve worked two part-time jobs, and the reality is that two part-time jobs do not equal one full-time job.

Oppressive Photo Op 6/2/20

The president is now calling himself the law and order president. This is just as ridiculous as his posing in front of the church. This is the president that courted the minority vote claiming he will turn things around for the minority community, and yet in over three years he has done nothing. Today he has made clear that his idea of “law and order” has nothing to do with reforming the legal system of the nation, but to use the military and police system to oppress those who have any criticism of his presidency.

Leadership Vacuum 6/1/20

his advisers suggested that he address the nation (from the bunker) with words of unity, but he refused since he didn’t have any bills to sign. While he hunkered down safely and with nothing to say to the people, presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Biden was out with the marchers in person in a show of solidarity.

Kissing Bats 5/31/20

“French kissing” is kissing with tongue play, caressing tongues, inserting them into each other’s mouth, just all kinds of things that when described in a blog like this one sounds completely repulsive and inappropriate during a pandemic. Still, though, French Kissing is just, oh gawd, it’s just amazing. I think. At least if memory serves. I mean, it has been a very long time