Sleeping with a Gun 6/24/21

a six-year-old’s life taken away so very prematurely because somebody didn’t properly secure the gun, and because somebody just had to have a round chambered.

Juneteenth 6/19/21

There is a distinct difference between ending slavery and ensuring equality. Denying equal rights is a way to keep people on different tiers, denying true freedom to those who deserve to be free. On April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated for speaking out in favor of a nation that had equality for all. That fight continues today, and sadly is taking place inside Congress and state legislation.

Marrying 6/17/21

I think the ministry cost twenty bucks.  For another ten bucks, I could get my Doctor of Divinity.  And all of those fools going to school for years for that!  But, I was already a doctor then (and still am today in chemistry) so that seemed a bit, well, unnecessary.  And for another five, I could be a saint.  Saint Bleil.